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The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 2 English Sub Summary

 The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 2 English Sub Summary 

'The Spy Who Loved Me' Yoo In-na, Yoon So-hee shocked at death Moon Jung-hyuk x Lim Joo-hwan, glance nerve war → Secret romance begins.

The Spy Who Loved Me' was shocked by Kang Ah-reum (played by Yoo Inna) who witnessed the death of Sophie (played by Yoon So-hee).

On that day, Sophie texted, "Find a bride at the wedding. I'll show you the VIP and expensive gift you want. Please protect me. My sheriff." The recipient was Jeon Ji-hoon (played by Moon Jung-hyuk), but the two did not know each other's identity. After meeting Peter (Jeon Seung-bin), Sophie felt threatened and ran away in a hurry, followed by a man with a gun and Ji-hoon. Ji-hoon was injured by touching his arm with a gun shot by a man, but he was rather worried about Kang Ah-reum, who hesitated to sit on, and gave excuses for asking.

In another Scene The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 2

Peter, who was accused of being Sophie as a stalker, escaped after a struggle. Ji-hoon, who learned that Kang Ah-reum was Sophie's friend, asked for information, but there was no income other than just a scientist. While looking at Jihoon's arms bleeding beautifully, he tore the skirt and wrap it up. Ji-hoon headed to Sophie's house with Aum and said, "Look for anything missing." The two who were checking the house talked about the past and laughed together. As soon as the atmosphere became cool, Kang Ah-reum said, "Somehow, like the person who broke up yesterday..." and "You haven't changed at all." “We are the same, but what has changed?” Beautiful said, “Only people don’t change. That’s why we broke up.”

In further Scene The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 2

The two felt pretense and looked outside. Kang Ah-reum saw the car moving and wondered if he should report it to the police. Jeon Ji-hoon said, "There is a detective that I know well," he called his colleague Hwang Seo-ra (played by Cha Ju-young) and told him the passport number of Sophie, the head of the Korea Eco Sun project. Jihoon instructed the workers to find Sophie. Beautiful in a strange atmosphere asked, "What are you doing these days?", but Ji-hoon, without hesitation, said "Early Soccer Club". Beautiful, who saw Ji-hoon trying to heal his wounds alone, applied medicine, saying, "We are perfect men without legal binding force." Jihoon trembled, saying, "Isn't it too close to be someone else?" Beautiful-eun recalled the past days together as a married couple who discovered a wound they couldn't see. And he said, "Let's get divorced," he remembered the wounds caused by slapping him on the cheek and checked his current face.

In one more Scene The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 2

Upon receiving a call that Seora Hwang had arrived, Jeon Ji-hoon tried to get more information about Sophie from Arum. Ji-hoon, who speculated that it might be a real man's problem, dug my grave, saying, "The day before the wedding, you say you remember a lot of your boyfriend." Beautiful brings out the past that Ji-hoon had cheated on. When the two were married, Jeon Ji-hoon was taking off his clothes at the publishing house with Seo-ra Hwang. Beautiful, who heard the whisper outside, picked up the whole pot and grind it to Jihoon. 

At that time, Beautiful expressed the woman as "a woman whose eyelashes curled like an ant leg," and Hwang Seora suddenly appeared, saying, "Is that me?" Ji-hoon was embarrassed and beautiful revealed displeasure. Seora said, "Is the two of you destiny?" Beautiful said, "It's been a long time since I haven't seen a lot. There are many things I can't see." 

Jeon Ji-hoon tried to follow beautiful, but Seo-ra stopped and said, "Start reporting the situation." As before, Ji-hoon did not follow even though Beautiful turned away angrily. In response, he said, "You haven't changed." Seora knew that Jihoon's Helmes informant was Kang Ah-reum's friend and told him to go catch him.

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The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 1 English Sub.

 The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 1 English Sub.

'The Spy Who Loved Me' In-na Yoo X Moon Jung-hyuk, reunion of fate on the island where love began [General]

In the MBC's new tree mini-series'The Spy Who Loved Me', which aired for the first time on the afternoon of the 21st, Kang Ah-reum (played by Yoo In-na) and Jeon Ji-hoon (played by Moon Jung-hyuk) reunited after five years.

The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 1 Full Summary. On this day, wedding dress designer Kang Ah-reum had to hide the fact of her pregnancy, but sent a celebrity bride to the ceremony to cancel the wedding because of reporters all over the shop. After having a busy time, Aum-myeon expressed ``the eternal side of me'' with her second husband Derek Hyun (played by Lim Joo-hwan) folded in her arms in front of the shop. The two talked about the marriage of Sopi Ahn (played by Yoon So-hee), which will take place in Jeju Island. Kang Ah-reum and Derek Hyun were a cool couple who understood each other's hobbies. Derek Hyun remodeled the car with parts of the color and size that Amumi likes. 

Jeon Ji-hoon, who works at Interpol's Industrial Secreariat, exchanged cryptographic words with Harrison Young, who entered a sushi restaurant where a colleague Kang Tae-ryong (played by Jeong Seok-yong) is. When Harrison gave the USB, Ji-hoon provided a video, saying, "The CIA is doing an industrial spy guy." Jeon Ji-hoon had a body fight with him, and eventually caught him. But the director contacted him to let him go. Ji-hoon insisted that "he should never be summoned to his home country" through a presentation, but the CIA said, "If you thought that you could receive our agents, you would be mistaken." 

In New Korean Drama The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 1 English Sub...

Jeon Ji-hoon, who said, "The island is always excited," headed to Jeju Island on the weekend. Ex-wife Kang Ah-reum also flew on the same plane, but the two split into first class and economy class so they couldn't see each other. Five years ago, Jeon Ji-hoon helped Kang A-reum, who was almost faced with a dress design copy scam even before an important operation. While the team members struggled with the real target, Woo Min-Sung, who arrived earlier than expected, Ji-hoon organized the beautiful work. However, Woo Min-seong, who was first guided to the room, ran away quickly after checking the less organized space, and Ji-hoon followed him. Jeon Ji-hoon arrested Woo Min-seong after fighting in the laundry space.

In another scene The Spy Who Loved Me Episode 1 English Sub...

After work, Jeon Ji-hoon tried to return. At that time, I found Kang Ah-reum, drinking alone in the hotel lobby, and naturally joined. When Jihoon asked about the dress, Beautiful said, "I'm going to throw it away. I'm torn. With my heart," he said, saying that the person who canceled the dress due to a fraudulent marriage a year ago could not walk. Ji-hoon, who was looking at the shabby beauty, said, "I'm going to give it to a nonmarried woman," and said he would buy a flawless dress. 

The place where Ji-hoon took beautiful was the cathedral. n the cathedral, free weddings were held for those in poor condition. Beautiful talked brightly with Sister, and Ji-hoon opened his heart as he saw it. Jihoon introduced himself as a travel writer. And when the beautiful words "I know the hidden place well", "I don't bring anyone," he trembled. Ji-hoon said, "I've come this far to see this, even if it's hard. For this moment, there will be such a magical moment that you can wander on the road for a lifetime. Just like now."

The reason Kang Ah-reum came to Jeju Island was to attend the wedding of his 20-year-old friend Ahn So-hee (played by Yoon So-hee). However, Sophie was about to get married, but her expression was not bright. When Beautiful was engrossed in dress fitting, Sophie said, "If I hadn't invited you to the party, you and Derek wouldn't have married?" In response, Beautiful said, "Is it still a waste? What I realized from the two marriages is that there aren't always good people. There's only good times," and expressed satisfaction with her current husband, Derek. Sophie asked, "What if Derek is a shady man?" But she didn't reach Beautiful.

Interpol's Asia Supervisory Bureau Bae Ji-min (played by Kim Tae-woo) instructed Jeon Ji-hoon to "protect the information source well. But don't trust 100%." Kang Ah-reum headed to the cathedral to fix the torn bridal veil. And Jihoon also arrived at the same place. The two men who first reunited after divorce were mixed. Jeon Ji-hoon'waited for this moment' and Kang Ah-reum'wanted to avoid this moment.' In particular, Aram thought he shouldn't have met Ji-hoon at that time or even now.