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Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Episode 199 Full RAW


Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Episode 199 Full RAW

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All The Buttlers Episode 129 Full RAW


All The Buttlers Episode 129 Full RAW

'The Butler' Lee Seung-gi, torn with ultra high-pitched'Forbidden Love'→Lee Jung-hyun, erased for 

Singer Lee Seung-gi ripped the stage of'But Butler' with'Forbidden Love' full of rock spirits. Lee Jung-hyun showed off the charm of the Barbie doll on the'Julae' stage, which erased 20 years.

On the 19th broadcast of SBS'Deacons', a music show was held at the end of the century with the new father Lee Jung-hyun.

Since debuting in 1999, Lee Jung-hyun has been loved by showing the concepts of female warrior, Cleopatra, and Barbie doll.

Lee Jung-hyun, in particular, said about the title song'You', which became a hot topic by filming a music video in the Egyptian temple. Go inside and take a picture,' he said.

Lee Jung-hyun's debut in 1999 was during the music renaissance when god HOT Pinkle SES myths and others were active. At the time, Lee Seung-gi, a junior high school student, told Kim Kyung-ho that he had dreamed of a rocker and had a dream.

This is what Jung-Hyun Lee specially prepared at the end of the century music show. “I have already decided who I want to be with,” Lee Jeong-hyun pointed to as a partner.

Lee Seung-ki, who teamed up with Sung-Rok Shin, said, “The best atmosphere in the performance is the rock. I need to get a high-pitched tone,” said Kim Kyung-ho's'Forbidden Love'. This is a rock ballad song overwhelmed by the intense highs of the second half.

So Sung-rok Shin said, “Why is forbidden love? Have the permitted love. Isn't it too high? What should I do if the sound deviates?” Lee Seung-gi insisted that treble is essential. On the contrary, Cha Eun-woo's Yang Se-chan's team smoothly selected the clone's'first'.

The ending nerve war broke out before the music show. While the director Lee Jeong-hyun said, “We will do it at the end,” Yang Se-chan said, “I dare say it, but if we do it, it will spoil the performance.”

As a result, the opening of the music show at the end of the century was decorated by the youngest Cho Yang Se-chan and Cha Eun-woo. Those who sang Clone's'Coryeon' were applauded by the perfect reenactment of the luminous bon dance.

There was also a special guest. Clone Jun Jun-yeop is the main character. “I feel good when I wear old clothes and dance while thinking about the past. Thank you for calling me.”

Subsequently, Jun-yeop Koo said to Jeong-hyun Lee, “At first, I came out with a fan. I wanted to lose,” he added with a smile. Lee Jung-hyun aroused laughter by saying, "Now go to marry and live quietly."

Seungki Lee and Sungrok Shin showed off their passion as a stage of rock sound. If Shin Sung-rok completed the emotional stage with YB's'Send You', Seung-Gi Lee showed the essence of the shouting stage with Kim Kyung-Ho's'Forbidden Love'. In response, the cast responded with hot applause.

“I wasn't the most confident song, but at the end of the century, I wanted to show the spirit rather than doing well,” Lee Seung-ki said humbly.

The ending of the music show at the end of the century was occupied by the master Lee Jung-hyun. Lee Jung-hyun, who came to the stage with Kim Dong-hyun, transformed into a barbie doll and sang'Would You'? Dong-Hyun Kim is a dancer, and he is in sync with Lee Jung-Hyun.

A perfect stage that erased 20 years. Lee Seung-ki praised, "I think the star I saw on TV in the past came out."

As a result, Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Dong-hyun won the music show at the end of the century. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I was so sad because I had an old thought.”

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King of Mask Singer Episode 264 Full RAW


King of Mask Singer Episode 264 Full RAW

On the stage of'The King of Mask Singer' and'The Lady of Roses' Lee Yun-seok "It was a stage gig today!" impression.

As the curiosity gathers on the stage of the 3rd consecutive challenge of'The Lady of Roses', the king who ended the'Spring and Autumn National Era', the stage of the talented people who are never satisfied is heightened in tension.

Lee Yun-suk, who saw the stage of the king's'Mrs. Rose', was frightened by the excitement, saying, “It was a stage gig today!” Other judges also give a standing ovation. Indeed, the stage of the ``Miss Rose'', the king of kings, who immersed all of the judges, creates an expectation of what it will look like. It also adds to the question of whether it is possible to lay the cornerstone of the King of the Kings by succeeding in the 3rd straight streak.

The song of'The Lady of Roses', the king who gave deep resonance to the stages so far, is also attracting attention. So Chan-hui, a former king of 18 years old, who watched her stage, said, “I didn't know you could digest this song,” and also said, “Jinju,” Park Hye-won, who gave the grandfather to “Miss Rose,” also said, “I can't keep my mouth shut "I'm a king," he said.

The result of the hunt for the three-game winning streak of'Mrs. Rose' aiming for a long-term king with an unfortunate force, while raising the curiosity of what is going on in the heart of the ex-king,'The Lady of the Roses', which is an unprecedented selection It can be found at 6:20 MBC'The King of Mask Singer'.

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It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10 FULL RAW


'Psycho Only' Kim Soo-hyun and Kang Ji-eun ran to protect the calligraphy.

In the tvN Saturday drama'Psycho But It's Okay', aired on the 19th, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) running to protect Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji) from Park Ok-lan (Kang Ji-eun) was depicted.

On this day, Moon Sang (Oh Jung-se) was angry with Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) after knowing that he had traveled with Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), and Moon Kang-tae was shocked by the state of the door saying, "I wanted to kill. Fell out. Ko Moon-young also watched this from a distance, and when the moon fell asleep after sleeping, Moon Kang-tae walked alone, and Koh Moon-young walked behind Moon Kang-tae.

Kang Kang-tae told Ko Moon-young, "Don't follow me now," and closed the door again, and Ko Moon-young said, "There was nothing you did wrong. It was an accident that you missed the day. I said, "You are innocent."

In response, Moon Gang-tae said, "I really want to die. I ran away from that thought. My brother knows it. You knew that." Then, "Why did you save me from that river that day. Just let me die. "I lived." Gomunyoung also shed tears at this.

After that, Moon-Tae Ko visited Kang-Tae again when Moon Gang-Tae didn't come home and said, "I thought, but it worked out well. Beat me like this. I want to live with you. You want to live with me. You want to play with me. "You can never lie in your eyes."

Then Moon Gang-tae said, "I woke up from a dream. It's my fault. I should have only seen you. I'm not going to stop you from the beginning. What should you have avoided from the beginning?

Gomunyoung said, "You're acting. If you look at me, you'll laugh. Why is that bad?" Moon Kang-tae said, "I'll ask. Get out of my life. Stop life and shake off."

Gomun-young said, "Lie. I did it before. I heard that my extinguished voice wasn't going. I just heard your words begging me to catch it. Don't go." However, Moon Kang-tae shook his hand and said, "You're a firecracker. It was a momentary event. I enjoyed it enough, so I can disappear without a trace." Ko Moon-young also cried sadly, saying, "I'm not a firecracker, it's a bomb. I'm going to kill it."

Moon, whose condition improved, was discharged to the home of Kang Soon-deok (Kim Mi-kyung), and Moon Gang-tae asked Nam Joo-ri to bring the baggage from Go Moon-young's house and headed to the house with the moon. As the door came, Kang Kang-tae hurried into the closet.

"I was wrong. I ran away when my brother fell into the water. I told you bad things if you were dead. I often imagined I wished I had an ordinary brother. I just did everything wrong." I'm sorry. Don't throw me away."

So the door came out of the closet and embraced Kang Gang-tae, saying, "Don't throw me away. Don't cry." The two of them returned to their old days. At that point, Nam Joo-ri, who visited Go Mun-young's house to pack his luggage, drunk with Go Mun-young and eventually got drunk.

Dr. Nam Joo-ri hit Gomun-young and fell, saying, "You're right. When I was young, I made bullying from my friends. The cursor took the man I liked. Knowing this, Lee Sang (Kim Joo Heon) came to pick up Nam Joo Ri, and Go Moon Young asked, "Do you like this? Am I good? Is this good? Who is first?

Lee Sang-sang replied, "It's good in different ways. It's not about numbering people. Everyone has different emotions."

The next day, Ko Moon-young was angry when he thought that he was a Moon Gang-tae when he heard the cell phone rang, but ran over it. Lee Sang-eun said, "Today is that day." Go Moon-young went to Kang Soon-deok's (Kim Mi-kyung)'s house and asked him to boil seaweed soup, saying "I asked you to come and eat for the last time."

Soondeok Kang smiled, "Congratulations. If you ask me to cook seaweed soup, it's a birthday." Go Moon-young ate deliciously. At that time, Lee Sang came in and was embarrassed to see Ko Moon-young. Lee Sang-eun presented a necklace, and Ko Mun-young wore a necklace and headed to Moon Gang-tae's room.

Ko Mun-young handed a revelation to Moon, saying, "Don't hesitate, give me the condition. I'm picking up my brother. I need a partner." Therefore, the door was called "Lie" and came back into the room.

In response, Ko Moon-young said, "Your real bad guy doesn't believe anything. Do you know the fairy tale of a shepherd boy? Do you know why the boy lied? I was bored.

Meanwhile, Park Haeng-ja (Jang Young-nam) told Moon Kang-tae who went to work, "I'm not with Hyung and Park Ok-lan (Kang Ji-eun) patients. At night, watch the patient. It's a little weird these days. After hearing this, Moon Kang-tae, who was watching Park Ok-ran, quarreled with Tae-hwan (Ear) and died the two.

King Oji, who came across this fact, said, "The artist Do Hee-jae may be Park Ok-lan." Ok-ran Park visited Go Moon-young as expected by Moon Kang-tae and said, "Happy birthday." 

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Running Man Episode 512 Bahasa Indo Jakarta

Malam Undangan Khusus 'Running Man' Tajak ... Jeon So-min, Hogu dan Ulsang → Yoo Jae-suk, dipermalukan setelah bangkrut

Dalam siaran SBS'Running Man 'pada tanggal 19, sebuah perlombaan perang para pekerja terbuka.

Presiden Jae-Seok Yoo dari asosiasi, yang mengambil keputusan sebelum membentuk kartu permainan misi terakhir, “Saya dapat membangun tim terkuat sesuka hati,” mengguncang kekuatan.

Pilihan Yoo Jae-suk adalah pertemuan si jenius Lee Kwang-soo dan pemimpin berbakat Kim Jong-guk. Namun, mereka menjadi musuh, bukan tim, sesuai aturan permainan, dan Lee Kwang-soo berkata, "Aku memberimu beberapa karamel!" "Aku tidak tahu, maaf," Yoo Jae-seok meminta maaf dengan kasar. Jiseokjin mengatakan bahwa dia ingin bersaing dengan Song Jihyo, dan menyanyikan tawa dengan meminta Yoo Jaeseok.

Kunci dari permainan yang diperhatikan ini adalah mempertahankan wajah poker. Sementara Kim Jong-guk menyatakan dirinya sukarela lebih awal, Jeon So-min bertaruh karamel itu berkata, "Aku akan merasakannya untuk pertama kalinya."

Jumlah kartu yang diperoleh Jeon So-min adalah 9. Sebaliknya, Yang Se-chan, yang hanya mengambil kartu terkuat, menang dengan memenangkan 19 poin.

Lee Ha-ha berkata, "Tiga orang membuat Jeon So-min menjadi hukou."

Namun, bahkan di babak kedua, Jeon So-min membual dengan taruhan besar. Kwang-soo Lee pergi all-in, tahu bahwa ada dua kartu merah yang ditarik oleh Jeon So-min, tetapi ada pembalikan. Kartu biru yang ditarik oleh Lee Kwang-soo adalah 1. Hanya setelah pertandingan ulang, Lee Kwang-soo berhasil menang.

Dalam permainan yang Yu Ji-seok, Ji-hyo Song, Ji-jin Ji dan Ha-ha perhatikan, Song Ji-hyo memilih secara sukarela bahkan setelah menggambar 10 kartu merah. Song Ji-hyo, yang kemudian mengetahui bahwa jumlah kartu adalah 14, bereaksi dengan takjub.

Di sisi lain, Yoo Jae-suk termotivasi oleh taruhan panas tanpa mengetahui bahwa ia telah menarik kartu merah 3. Hasilnya pecah di edisi pertama.

Karena itu, Lee Kwang-soo dan Yang Se-chan berteriak, "Jangan lakukan itu lagi," dan berseru Yoo Jae-suk.

Yoo Jae-suk, yang diusir dari lapangan taruhan dan tidak ditendang, diberi kesempatan untuk kembali menantang dengan dukungan dari asosiasi.

Tetapi hasilnya adalah dua kebangkrutan. Kali ini, Kim Jong-kook mengusir Yoo Jae-seok, dan Yoo Jae-seok berkata, "Saya melaporkan. "Aku akan kembali lagi."

Pada tanggal 19 SBS'Sunday is Good-Running Man ', 
para anggota telah diubah menjadi yang lain.

Pada hari ini, Yoo Jae-seok berkata, "Di film 'Invasi,' Jihyo tampil sangat baik. Itu dirilis dalam waktu yang sulit." Ji Seok-jin berkata, "Tapi kamu lebih dari satu juta," Song Ji-hyo menghela nafas. Yoo Jae-seok berkata, "Jangan bicarakan itu."

Jiseokjin berkata, "Aku akan segera menyelesaikannya." Tapi Yoo Jae-seok berkata, "Ini sudah berakhir," dan Song Ji-hyo berkata, "IPTV sudah keluar." Lee Kwang-soo berkata, "Apakah kakakmu dalam kondisi baik atau buruk?" Yoo Jae-suk berkata, "Saya membayar 10 ribu won," tetapi Kim Jong-guk berkata, "Saya akan melihat apakah saya turun menjadi 5.000 won."


Pemirsa yang terhormat, bagian dari pertunjukan ini
 "segera hadir di sini" hari ini setelah beberapa jam.

Running Man Episode 512 Bahasa Indo Jakarta

'Running Man' adalah perang psikologis yang sengit di antara delapan negara.

Perang psikologis yang ganas dari bakat hiburan dari seluruh negeri disiarkan.

Dalam SBS'Running Man 'yang disiarkan pada tanggal 19, para anggota muncul secara membongkar menjadi hithertos di seluruh negeri sejalan dengan konsep' Perang Perang '.

Selain karakter Taja terkenal seperti 'Jung Ma-dam' dan 'Pyeonggyeongjang', mereka menunjukkan karakter yang sesuai dengan karakteristik masing-masing, dan melanjutkan pembicaraan intelektual tentang mode masing-masing untuk membuat adegan tertawa. Anggota memanggil Yang Se-chan, yang mengenakan topi merasa, mengatakan, "Bukankah guru Kim Jung-soo?"

Setelah pembukaan yang menyenangkan, 'Perang Perang' penuh pecah. Perang psikologis antara menipu satu sama lain dan permainan otak yang sengit antara anggota menyebabkan perlombaan yang tegang. Selain itu, 'Pemilihan Presiden Asosiasi Asosiasi', yang dapat memegang kekuasaan yang kuat di tangan, juga merupakan titik penonton.

Running Man "Kwang-Soo Lee, SNS memanas." Dia terlihat seperti.

Dalam siaran SBS'Running Man 'pada tanggal 19 (Sun), reaksi Lee Gwang-soo terhadap' Seperti trainee Cina Kwang-soo 'terungkap.

Dalam rekaman video baru-baru ini, Yoo Jae-suk berkata, "Program audisi Cina .." Baru-baru ini, di media sosial, saya menyebutkan trainee idola China '웡 Yu Ching (' 宇 庆) ', yang menarik banyak perhatian dengan 'Seperti Kwang-Soo'. Sepertinya mengakuinya.

Kemiripan anggota Gwangsu Lee dengan trainee Cina juga terkejut dengan reaksi "Aku tidak bisa bicara" dan "Benar-benar sama". Jiseokjin menambahkan, "Kelihatannya sama, tapi dia lebih tampan daripada Lee Kwang-soo." Pada akhirnya, Lee Kwang-soo melontarkan kata pendek dan kuat ke arah Jiseok-jin untuk membuat adegan itu menjadi lautan tawa, yang dapat dikonfirmasi melalui siaran.

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Running Man Episodio 512 Sub Español Latino

El 19 de SBS 'El domingo es un buen hombre', los miembros se han transformado en otro.

En este día, Yoo Jae-seok dijo: "En la película 'Invasión', Jihyo se desempeñó muy bien. Fue lanzado en un momento difícil". Ji Seok-jin dijo: "Pero tienes más de un millón", suspiró Song Ji-hyo. Yoo Jae-seok dijo: "No hables de eso".

Jiseokjin dijo: "Lo superaré pronto". Pero Yoo Jae-seok dijo: "Se acabó", y Song Ji-hyo dijo: "IPTV está fuera". Lee Kwang-soo dijo: "¿Está tu hermano en buena forma o mal?" Yoo Jae-suk dijo: "Pagué 10 mil wones", pero Kim Jong-guk dijo: "Veré si bajo a 5.000 wones".

Estimados espectadores, esta parte del espectáculo "llegará pronto aquí" hoy después de unas pocas horas.


Running Man Episodio 512 Sub Español Latino

'Running Man' es una feroz guerra psicológica entre ocho naciones.

Se transmiten las feroces guerras psicológicas de los talentos del entretenimiento de todo el país.

En el SBS 'Running Man' transmitido el 19, los miembros aparecieron en desarmados en hithertos de todo el país en línea con el concepto de 'Guerra de Guerras'.

Además de los famosos personajes de Taja como 'Jung Ma-dam' y 'Pyeonggyeongjang', mostraron personajes que coinciden con sus características individuales, y continuaron las conversaciones intelectuales sobre las modas de los demás para hacer reír a la escena. Los miembros convocaron a Yang Se-chan, quien llevaba un sombrero de fieltro, diciendo: "¿No es la maestra Kim Jung-soo?"

Después de la apertura agradable, estalló una 'Guerra de Guerras' en toda regla. Una guerra psicológica entre engañarse unos a otros y un feroz juego mental entre los miembros condujo a una carrera tensa. Además, la 'Elección Presidencial de la Asociación Taza', que puede tener un poder poderoso en la mano, también es un punto de espectador.

Running Man "Kwang-Soo Lee, SNS calienta" Parece.

En la transmisión de SBS 'Running Man' el 19 (Sun), se revela la reacción de Lee Gwang-soo al 'aprendiz chino de Kwang-soo'.

En una grabación de video reciente, Yoo Jae-suk dijo: "Un programa de audición chino ..." Recientemente, en las redes sociales, mencioné al aprendiz de ídolo chino '웡 Yu Ching (' 宇 庆) ', que atrajo mucha atención con 'Como Kwang-Soo'. Parecía admitirlo.

Los miembros de la semejanza de Gwangsu Lee con los aprendices chinos también se sorprendieron por la reacción de "No puedo hablar" y "Realmente lo mismo". Jiseokjin agregó: "Se ve igual, pero es más guapo que Lee Kwang-soo". Al final, Lee Kwang-soo escupió una palabra breve y fuerte hacia Jiseok-jin para hacer de la escena un mar de risas, que se puede confirmar a través de la transmisión.

Estimados espectadores, esta parte del espectáculo "llegará pronto aquí" hoy después de unas pocas horas.

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Running Man Episode 512 Full RAW

'Running Man' Tajak Special Invitation Night... Jeon So-min, Hogu and Ulsang → Yoo Jae-suk, disgraced after bankruptcy

In the SBS'Running Man' broadcast on the 19th, a war race of workers unfolded.

President Jae-Seok Yoo of the association, who took the decision before forming the final mission game card, “I can build the strongest team at will,” shook power.

Yoo Jae-suk's choice is the meeting of the genius Lee Kwang-soo and the talented leader Kim Jong-guk. However, they became enemies, not teams, according to the game rules, and Lee Kwang-soo said, "I gave you some caramels!" "I didn't know, I'm sorry," Yoo Jae-seok apologized roughly. Jiseokjin said that she wants to compete with Song Jihyo, and sang laughs by asking Yoo Jaeseok.

The key to this noticed game is maintaining the poker face. While Kim Jong-guk declared himself voluntary early, Jeon So-min bet the caramel saying, “I'll taste it for the first time.”

The total number of cards acquired by Jeon So-min was 9. On the contrary, Yang Se-chan, who picked only the strongest cards, won by winning 19 points.

Lee Ha-ha said, “Three men are making Jeon So-min a hukou.”

However, even in the second round, Jeon So-min boasted with big bets. Kwang-soo Lee went all-in, knowing that there were two red cards drawn by Jeon So-min, but there was a reversal. The blue card drawn by Lee Kwang-soo was 1. Only after the rematch, Lee Kwang-soo managed to win.

In the game that Yu Ji-seok, Ji-hyo Song, Ji-jin Ji and Ha-ha noticed, Song Ji-hyo chose voluntary out even after drawing 10 red cards. Song Ji-hyo, who later learned that the total number of cards was 14, reacted with amazement.

On the other hand, Yoo Jae-suk was motivated by hot bets without knowing that he had drawn the red card 3. Results broke in the first edition.

Accordingly, Lee Kwang-soo and Yang Se-chan screamed, “Don't do it again,” and exclaimed Yoo Jae-suk.

Yoo Jae-suk, who was driven out of the betting field and was not kicked off, was given the opportunity to re-challenge with the support of the association.

But the result was two bankruptcy. This time, Kim Jong-kook kicked out Yoo Jae-seok, and Yoo Jae-seok said, “I report. "I'll come back again."

On the 19th SBS'Sunday is Good-Running Man', the members have been transformed into another.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok said, "In the movie'Invasion,' Jihyo performed really well. It was released in a difficult time." Ji Seok-jin said, "But you're over a million," Song Ji-hyo sighed. Yoo Jae-seok said, "Don't talk about that."

Jiseokjin said, "I'll be over it soon." But Yoo Jae-seok said, "It's over," and Song Ji-hyo said, "IPTV is out." Lee Kwang-soo said, "Is your brother in good shape or bad?" Yoo Jae-suk said, "I paid for 10 thousand won," but Kim Jong-guk said, "I will see if I go down to 5,000 won."

Running Man Episode 512 Full RAW 

'Running Man' is a fierce psychological warfare among eight nations.

The fierce psychological wars of entertainment talents from all over the country are broadcast.

In the SBS'Running Man' broadcasted on the 19th, the members appeared in disassembled into hithertos all over the country in line with the concept of'War of Wars'.

In addition to famous Taja characters such as'Jung Ma-dam' and'Pyeonggyeongjang', they showed characters that match their individual characteristics, and continued intellectual talks about each other's fashions to make the scene laugh. The members summoned Yang Se-chan, who wore a felt hat, saying, "Isn't the teacher Kim Jung-soo?"

After the pleasant opening, a full-fledged'War of Wars' broke out. A psychological warfare between deceiving each other and a fierce brain game between members led to a tense race. In addition, the'Taza Association Presidential Election', which can hold powerful power in hand, is also a spectator point.

Running Man” Kwang-Soo Lee, SNS heated up “He looks like.

In the SBS'Running Man' broadcast on the 19th (Sun), Lee Gwang-soo's reaction to'Like Kwang-soo's Chinese trainee' is revealed.

In a recent video recording, Yoo Jae-suk said, "A Chinese audition program.." Recently, on social media, I mentioned the Chinese idol trainee'웡 Yu Ching ('宇庆)', which attracted a lot of attention with'Like Kwang-Soo'. It seemed to admit it.

Members of Gwangsu Lee's resemblance to Chinese trainees were also surprised by the reaction of “I can’t talk” and “Really the same”. Jiseokjin added, "It looks the same, but he is more handsome than Lee Kwang-soo." In the end, Lee Kwang-soo spit out a short and strong word toward Jiseok-jin to make the scene a sea of ​​laughter, which can be confirmed through broadcasting.

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