Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 476 Lovelyz Full RAW - 9 Sept 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 476 Lovelyz
Full RAW - 9 Sept 2020

Lovelyz drinking water, are you so cute

Lovelyz Jin flipped the studio by revealing the'Kang' dance for the first time on the air.

Lovelyz, who made a comeback with the new album'UNFORGETTABLE', will appear on'Weekly Idol', which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC Every1 and MBC M at 5 pm on Wednesday.

Lovelyz, who transformed into a wizard according to the concept of the new song, is expected to draw attention with bomb remarks in the fixed corner of Weekly Idol,'Caught You Nom'.

In particular, member Baby Soul surprised everyone by exposing Jin's immersion in'Kang'. Jin, who was consistently quiet in response to the disclosure, showed off his anti-war charm by showing a fierce'Kang' stage.

Following this, the youngest Ye-in publicly shot Lovelyz's'Pro Subaler'. However, the back door that the pointed'Subaler' strongly denied and gave a big smile. Along with this, the members recreated the black history (?) that the members had forgotten, turning the weekly idol studio upside down.

Jin's'Kang' dance and the exclusive disclosures of Lovelyz members will be revealed on'Weekly Idol' and Netflix, which will be broadcast on the 9th (Wed).


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