Saturday, September 5, 2020

Running Man Episode 519 RAW

Running Man
Episode 519 RAW

Citation Won×Yoon Seok-ho, 
Super Express Sen (?) Reality appeared!

Quick attendance lover’ Jeon So-min, commendation
 for early attendance × Yoon Seok-ho suspiciously confusing!

'Rotten zucchini' Lee Kwang-soo, 
stepped into a 200% synchro rate montage!

'Running Man' Yoo Jae-seok, Kim Jong-guk, haha ​​haha ​​and Jeon So-min were arrested successfully... Citation Won and Yoon Seok-ho were also surprised [General]

Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Jong-guk arrested Haha and Jeon So-min, and became a great combination.

In SBS'Running Man', which aired on the 6th, Yoon Seok-ho, a commendation member, appeared as a guest and played the'Monster Running Man' race together.

At the appearance of the two guests, the running men were amazed, saying, “A real detective and a real profiler appeared” and “Is this something to be taken seriously?”

He is also a real model for the role of Ma Dong-seok in the movie'Criminal City'. Citation Chang-won is also a first-generation profiler who is called the master of psychological fights.

On this day, Citation Chang-won delivered a sense of goodbye, saying, "I received a report and mobilized for a crime incident."

On the contrary, Yoon Seok-ho said, “I honestly had a lot of troubles. Because there is no horse around. It’s really hard because it’s coming out.”

Ji Seok-jin, who has a personal relationship with Yoon Seok-ho, said, “It looks gentle, but he is a scary person when dealing with criminals. 'Criminal City' Ma Dong-seok is this person.”

Before this mission, the person who Seok-ho Yoon suspected of being a monster is Jeon So-min. Because Jeon So-min arrived at the filming site first.

For the same reason, Citation Chang-won suspected Jeon So-min as a phantom, and Jeon So-min said, “I'm coming early. The other day, I came 1 hour early, but today I came 30 minutes earlier on purpose.”

Following the montage arrest operation, Yoo Jae-seok, Yang Se-chan, commendation Won Kim Jong-guk and Yoon Seok-ho Lee Kwang-soo succeeded in arresting the staff.

First round of voting after the mission. The Running Men pointed to So-min Jeon as a phantom, as Citation Chang-won and Seok-ho Yoon did, and So-min Jeon turned out to be a real phantom.

Now there is only one chance to arrest the remaining monster. Ha-ha, who was awarded the third referee by voting, struck her hand until the end, saying, "I don't know who the phantom is, but his acting ability was a big hit."

The moment when Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Jong-guk's touch hit. Citation Won and Yoon Seok-ho also expressed their admiration. The arrested Jeon So-min and Ha-ha are scheduled to carry out penalties.


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