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King of Mask Singer Episode 271 RAW

King of Mask Singer
Episode 271 RAW

Skill to dance technique of'
Forbidden Love' with Myung-Hoon Chun!

'King of Mask Singer' Thousand Years of Love = High School 3 Nam Seung-min, "The goal is to get a lovelyz x Lee Dalso autograph" [General]

On the afternoon of the 6th, MBC'The King of Mask Singer' revealed the stage of eight masked singers who threatened the singer, Rose.

In the second stage of the first round, a thousand years of love vs. forbidden love competed with Seven's'passion'.

The original songwriter Seven sang "'Passion' in a rocky arrangement, but I was so excited that I wanted to sing this song for the next performance. Forbidden love seems to be a seasoned rock vocal. It seems like a singer who has years of age and is a long-time singer. Thousand-year love. "I think I have a year-round, but I heard the trot singing. They both sing really well and have a good treble, so I think it's a game of Park Bing."

Kim Goo-ra expressed confidence, saying, "I felt a little bit like Park Hyun-bin's love for a thousand years. That friend has been vocal and trot for more than 10 years. Now everyone is actively supporting me."

As a result of the vote, the banned love advanced to the second round, and Nam Seung-min was the identity of love for a thousand years. Nam Seung-min was from'Mr. Trot' and was called Little Na Hoon-ah.

Nam Seung-min said, "Kookmin grandson, high school 3rd grader Nam Seung-min."

Chun Myung-hoon said, "To me, Seung-min Nam is a senior. I also debuted as a trot in August. I never imagined that I would be here." Hyunyoung "

Kim Seong-ju said, "When I asked him to write down his goal, he wrote that he was going to receive the autographs of Lovelyz and the girl of the month. After all, he was a high school student." Nam Seung-min laughed, "I want to get everyone's autographs, but when I told 3~4 people around me that I was going to be'King of Mask Singer', my seniors told me not to think about coming down to Masan if I didn't get autographs."

Kim Seong-ju said, "There are 100 days left from the recording date of the SAT. I am having a hard time with Corona 19 these days, so please ask for a message of support." I left a video letter.

Kim San-ho "I wanted to erase the negative deviation from the portal site through'King of Mask Singer'"

Cheong-gi, "King of Mask Singer," was actor Kim San-ho. He said he wanted to erase the negative deviation posted on the portal site.

In the MBC entertainment program'King of Mask Singer', which aired on the afternoon of the 6th, 8 masked singers who challenged Mrs. Rose, who succeeded in winning 6 consecutive games, appeared.

On this day's broadcast, in the first round of the duet showdown,'My song is Gawangseok Green Light! Cheonggi (hereinafter referred to as Cheonggi) and'Mrs. Rose! Are you surrendering to me today? Baekki (hereinafter referred to as Baekki)' clashed.

'Cheonggi' and'Baekki' performed a duet stage with Lee Moon-se's song'Jojo Discount'. As a result of the judges' voting,'Cheong-gi' won 17-4. 'Cheongki' advanced to the second round, and'Baekki' was a solo song that he had prepared and sang'Reincarnation' by Yoon Jong-shin.

The'Baekki' who took off his mask was actor Kim San-ho. About the reason Kim San-ho chose Yoon Jong-shin's'Reincarnation' as a solo song, he said, "Actually, I have a child who is 6 months old. I have a girl who is Roha. As I met the child, I felt a different feeling, so I chose this song to present to the child." Revealed.

Kim San-ho said, "At the time of musical activity, I had a few deviations. When I typed in Kim San-ho in the search word, it was written in detail, "I am a musical actor, but my song is weak." It was written in detail. I called it well and wanted to erase it."


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