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Idol on the quiz Episode 8 Apink Bomi - RAW

'Quizdoll' SF9 Inseong, “10th out of 350 liberal arts students” → Press information major to become an announcer

'Idol on the Quiz' SF9 Inseong boasted of a handsome brain.

In the KBS2 entertainment show'Idol on the Quiz' broadcast on the 7th, the all-round idol SF9 appeared with senior idols Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, 2PM Nichkhun, and Apink Bomi, who will be responsible for laughter and big fun, and an exciting quiz battle took place. .

Following the last episode on this day, Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, 2PM Nichkhun, and Apink Bomi appeared as seniors. Jung Hyung-don laughed at the beginning of the quiz by introducing "the more you touch your head, the lower your score."

The all-round idol SF9 participated as a junior idol who confronted this, and Inseong, Chanhee, Hwiyoung, and Jaeyoon drew attention in the quiz contest. Inseong said, “I will take the initiative. Aja-a-ja, we will overcome.”

In particular, in SF9, it was revealed that there was a brain in each field, so the attention was focused. Inseong is in charge of economy and Chanhee is in charge of foreign languages. However, when Jang Seong-gyu asked Chan-hee, "What is a good foreign language," he confidently revealed "Korean" and laughed.

Jaeyoon, who is in charge of literature, laughed at Jang Seong-gyu's question, "What is your favorite poem?"

On the other hand, announcer Jang Seong-gyu trembled with Inseong, who said that she had studied well, saying, "Or there is a controversy about personality." Subsequently, Inseong surprised everyone by confessing that he was ranked 10th in the liberal arts department. He then confessed that "there were 340 people in total," revealing the side of the brain.

In addition, Inseong said, "I entered college and started my trainee life," and said, "I majored in media and information science because I wanted to become an announcer." Afterwards, SF9's captain Inseong laughed with a erratic answer, "If you can't win, you won't be able to return to the dorm."

Idol on the quiz Episode 8
Apink Bomi - RAW

“There is a brain for each field”

F9 Inseong, Chanhee, Hwiyoung, and Jaeyoon appear on KBS2's'Idol on the Quiz' and have an exhilarating confrontation with seniors Jongmin, Gangnam, Nichkhun and Bomi.

KBS 2TV'Idol on the Quiz' (director Park Hyun-jin) (hereinafter'Quiz Doll'), broadcast on Monday, 7th, is a program in which multinational K-POP idols compete in a quiz showdown in order to win the quiz. SF9 will appear together with Koyo-tae Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, 2PM Nichkhun, and Apink Bomi as the 8th guest who will be responsible for the laughter and big fun of'Quiz Doll' and have an exciting quiz battle between seniors and juniors.

Since SF9 is an all-round K-Idol that boasts an unrivaled presence with its perfect beauty and physical, as well as acting, acting, and singing, there is nothing that can not sing, everyone's interest has been amplified from the appearance of what kind of activities they will perform against their seniors. Accordingly, SF9 Inseong asked MC Jung Hyung-don about the member composition, “There are brains for each field. “I am in charge of the economy, Chanhee is in foreign language, Hwiyoung is in charge of life wisdom, and Jaeyoon is in charge of literature.”

In the end, Inseong said, “I will show you once today. If I don't do it today, I can't go back to the hostel. I came out with such determination,” and touched the hair of the senior's nose with a treasured determination. Kim Jong-min also said, “I will bring out the genius (power) here today,” with a smile on his face, foreshadowing the tight fight between the two teams by exploding the elusive force of the seniors.

On this day, the two teams showed off the potential of seniors on top of the juniors who played. In particular, seniors Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, Nichkhun, and Bomi were curious as to what their special moves would be because they performed a stormy activity that made them forget the four fools of last week against the 4th brain king of SF9. In particular, Gangnam showed a creepy new skill in taking a quiz that appears every round, and the captain Kim Jong-min was also surprised by the amazing anti-war skills that Gangnam showed, saying, "Can this happen?"

It arouses curiosity whether Kim Jong-min, Gangnam, Nichkhun, and Bomi, who are artisans full of years of experience, will be able to overcome their defeat last week and gain their status as seniors, and whether SF9 can prove the 4th great brain king.

KBS 2TV's new entertainment'Idol on the Quiz' episode 8 will be broadcast on Monday, 7th at 8:30 pm.

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