Friday, September 11, 2020

How Do You Play? Episode 61 RAW

How Do You Play?
Episode 61 RAW


'What do you do when you play?' Refund Expedition, Meeting... Hyori Lee "Preparation for pregnancy" TMI released.

 In MBC's'What Do You Do When You Play?', the scene of a surprise meeting of Um Jung-hwa-Lee Hyo-ri-Jesi-Hwasa's'Manok House' was captured. It is expected that the stories of real and honest members coming out in a more comfortable atmosphere than ever while eating dinner prepared by Eom Jung-hwa will be revealed.

On the other hand,'Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae-seok)' raises curiosity by saying that he found a song that completely possessed'Top 100 Ears' after meeting'a younger brother who knows music'.

In MBC's'What Do You Do When You Play?' broadcast today (12th),'Manok House' meeting site of Manok (Um Jeong-hwa), Cheonok (Lee Hyo-ri), Eunbi (Jesie), and Silbi (Hwasa) and'Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae-seok)' It is revealed that she met her younger brother who plays music to find the song'Refund Expedition'.

The members of the'Refund Expedition' who gather in the'Manok House' in the released photo and enjoy a fun chat party catch the eye.

'What do you do when you play?' “The members of the'Refund Expedition' said, “We have prepared a place where they can easily meet as seniors and juniors in the music industry as well as older sisters and younger brothers. You will be able to find a closer look unlike the first meeting when everyone was tense.”

Manok invited members of the'Refund Expedition' to his house and prepared a dish full of Korean statues. Cheonok, who came up from Jeju after a long time, told a story he hadn't been able to as soon as he saw Manok, and burst into various TMIs, including worries about SNS, boyfriend'George Lee (Lee Sang-soon)', and stories of preparing for pregnancy.

Silbi and Eunbi appeared on the scene wearing stage costumes presented by Manok, and turned'Manok House' into a'Hollywood Party' site.

As the atmosphere gradually matured, leader Cheon-ok opened up saying that'Jimmy Yoo' changed his eyes like an actor after signing the contract. Man-ok also laughed at'Jimmy Yu', saying, "Should I do that?"

Following this, the members are going to make a laugh by showing them unitedness through a back talk (?) about the suspicious activity of the recently busy producer Jimmy Yoo.

At the same time,'Jimmy Yoo' went to his younger brother, who plays music to find the best song for'Refund Expedition'. There,'Jimmy Yu' found a song that completely captivated'Top 100 Ears' and shouted "Yeah~It's done!" and was soaked in music.

The scene of the'No Filter' chat party of Manok-Cheonok-Eunbi-Silbi's'Refund Expedition' pouring out without clogging can be confirmed through'What do you do if you play?

On the other hand,'What do you do when you play?' is'YOO', such as Yugo Star-Yoo San-seul-Lasek-Eurpheus-Yu DJ Pong Disparu-Dakteo-Yoo, and Yoo Do-Ragon through various projects based on relay and expansion. It is being loved a lot by building'Neverse'.

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