Friday, September 4, 2020

Hidden Singer Season 6 Episode 6 "Rain" Free RAW

Hidden Singer Season 6 Episode 6 
"Rain" Free RAW

(Destiny Audition)'Rain' dancing 
for 3 hours and'JYP' watching him

[Rain 1R]'Bad Men'♬ 6 bad men have come?!

[Rain 1R Revealed] ☆Invitation reversal result☆ 
Why does'Rain' come out there...?


'Hidden Singer 6', the original singer Rain, was knocked out of shock in the finals..."The fourth abnormal" [General]

The original singer Rain lost to Mo Chang in the fourth round, and another surprise unfolded.

On the 4th, JTBC's'Hidden Singer 6'was decorated with the original singer secret. On this day, Rain expressed confidence, "I will go up the 4th round unconditionally and I will receive 90 votes." 

The support of best friends also attracted attention. When Park Joon-hyung appeared, Rain said, "Because he has seen me since he was a baby, he knows all of me well."

Sandara Park expressed her fan spirit, saying, “I was from YG, so I couldn't be beamed out, so I listened to'Rainism' in hiding, but I'll save my memories and try to match it well.” Han Seok-jun said, "I can't get it wrong because I'm talking to my ear," and Rain walked out to the center and explained, "It may cause misunderstandings." Having a motorbike hobby together and talking over a helmet. As a result, MC Jeon Hyun-moo reacted spitefully, "Why are you pushing the MC?" and Rain said, "Because of the center disease," and aroused laughter. Then he confessed with surprise, “Isn’t it possible for me to be the next MC for Hidden Singer?” Actor Kim Hye-eun said, “As an actor, the rain is so wonderful. Why do you cry so well?” “I provoked laughter with trembling. 

In the first round, the mission was unfolded with the song'Bad Man', and a confrontation between Rain and five talented talents unfolded. On this day, rain appeared in the audience, not inside the barrel, shocking me. Rain said, "Because of the many talents, the first round was missed." The judges who were deceived by this revealed a reaction of being creepy.

In the second round, Rain and five talented people competed with the song'A Song That Will Hold You' written and composed by Rain. As a result, the celebrity judges created a sense of tension in the appearance of being in a menbong. Park Jun-hyung, who was only confident, confuses him. Following this, the faces of Rain and Mochang talent were revealed. The ancestor singer Rain appeared in room 2 and was amazed. Following that, rain and the talented people of Mochang captivated the eyes by embroidering the stage with gorgeous group dances.

Two people were eliminated in the second round due to Rain's bye. Even if he was eliminated, Rain said, “I'm going to work,” and said, “I'm going to go home,” Rain made a laugh at the words that Rain had to continue singing confrontation. While Monster X Shownu in Room 4 was eliminated, Jeon Hyun-moo walked to the rain and made the original singer Rain nervous. As a result, the person with the ability to compete in room 5 was eliminated and Rain survived. Rain laughed at the MC's report of the heart chewing result, saying, "It will shorten the lifespan. Should I do that?" In the second round, Rain took second place.

In the third round, rain and three talented men competed in'how to avoid the sun'. On this day, the real rain came out of room 3, and the celebrity judges said it was the third round of chaos. Rain also said, “I also paniced,'Did you play the CD? I was really deceived.” The urgent rain made a laugh with a begging, "Please save me once this time." 

In the fourth round, the original singer Rain, Mochang talents Kim Hyun-woo, and Park Min-seok held a mission confrontation with the song'Love Story'. The first place was followed by the original singer Rain, and Kim Hyun-woo, a talented talent, won the championship. Rain embraced Kim Hyun-woo and expressed congratulations. Rain said, “You referred to me as a role model earlier, but everyone who has talented talent is also my role model. “I will do my best in my place and become a singer and actor who works hard.” 

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