Sunday, September 6, 2020

Do You Like Brahms? Episode 3 RAW

Do You Like Brahms?
Episode 3 RAW

'Do you like Brahms?' Kim Min-jae's'Brams' comforting performance for Park Eun-bin unfolds.

SBS' Monday-Tuesday drama'Do you like Brahms?' (screenplay Ryubori/Director Youngmin Cho/Production Studio S) is a story about the breathtaking dreams and love of classical music students standing on the border of the twenty-nine. Emotional stories containing classical melody, triangular x 3 tension-inducing love lines, delicate scripts and fluid directing attracted attention, and emerged as a home theater'topics' within the first week of broadcasting.

In the play, the male and female protagonists Chae Song-ah (played by Park Eun-bin) and Park Joon-young (played by Kim Min-jae) continued to build relationships from the first meeting. Chae Song-ah, a late-year music student who wants to play the violin but has no talent. Park Joon-young, a famous pianist who has talent but has never enjoyed music. The two different people shook the hearts of the viewers with a tickling chemistry such as page turner breathing and talking about music.

In the middle of this,'Do you like Brahms?' The production crew revealed the appearance of Chae Song-ah suppressing emotions in front of Park Joon-young before the 3rd broadcast today (7th). The two's unusual atmosphere draws attention.

In the published photo, Chae Song-ah's eyes turned red. Chae Song-ah, who is holding back her tears, makes her guess that something difficult has happened that she cannot control her emotions. From the look and look toward Park Joon-young, I can feel the feelings. Behind Chae Song-ah, Park Joon-young is playing the piano, arousing curiosity. What happened between them?

In the 3rd preview video released in advance, Chae Song-ah cried to Park Joon-young and said, "I don't want to listen to it right now because that's my favorite song." It was Chae Song-ah, who shyly confessed that Park Joon-young's music touched her heart, but now she said she didn't want to hear it. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of piano performance Park Jun-young will convey to Chae Song-ah, and whether Park Joon-young's music will touch Chae Song-ah's heart once again.

'Do you like Brahms?' The production crew said, “The figure of Park Joon-young playing comfortably in her own way to Chae Song-ah is drawn. Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae were forced to look at the performance of Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae, who raised their emotions. In'Do you like Brahms?', you will be able to see the true value of the unique charm and sensitivity. Please look forward to it.”

SBS'Do you like Brahms?', which foretold the famous scene of Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae's emotional explosion? Episode 3 will be broadcast at 10:00 pm on September 7.


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