Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Do You Like Brahms? Episode 2 Eng Sub RAW

Do You Like Brahms?
Episode 2 Eng Sub RAW


'Do you like Brahms?' Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae became page turners... 'Excitement Explosion' (General)

Park Eun-bin did Kim Min-jae's page turn.

In the SBS Monday and Tuesday drama'Do you like Brahms?' broadcast on the 1st, the appearance of Park Joon-young (played by Kim Min-jae) asking Chae Song-ah (played by Park Eun-bin) to turn a page was spread.

While drinking beer with Park Joon-young that day, Han Hyun-ho (played by Kim Seong-cheol) apologized for being sorry for not being able to play in New York. In response, Park Jun-young recalled that Lee Jeong-gyeong kissed him that day, but did not comment on it. Then, Han Hyun-ho burst into laughter, saying, "I'm really surprised, are you? I couldn't have imagined that the two of us would come in together. I didn't know if you were at the airport. I was surprised."

Then Chae Song-ah, who went to the studio of Yoon Dong-yoon (played by Yoo-jin Lee) to repair an instrument, hesitated to play the violin. Chae Song-ah said, "How do I forget that," and Yoon Dong-yoon, who repaired the violin, said, "I love you. Say it three times. I love you to your violin." Chae Song-ah looked at Yoon Dong-yoon and said I love you three times.

Park Joon-young, who met with Lee Jung-gyeong (Park Ji-hyun) asked, "That day. That day, the day I played in New York," but Lee Jung-kyung's "What was that day?" Next, Lee Jung-kyung suddenly asked, "Shall I marry? It's been a long time with Hyun-ho. Shall I marry?", and Park Jun-young replied, "Are you serious?" Lee Jung-gyeong, who was looking at Park Joon-young's expression, said, "No joke." Park Joon-young left, saying, "Don't do it again, no such joke is fun."

Chae Song-ah met with Park Joon-young, Han Hyun-ho, and Lee Jung-gyeong. Han Hyun-ho asked Chae Song-ah if he had any songs requested, saying, "I don't know when this opportunity will come. Please apply." Chae Song-ah, who was hesitant about this, asked for Schumann's'Troy Merai' as the song he wanted to hear, saying, "Last time I accidentally listened to playing that song here." In response, Han Hyun-ho said to Lee Jung-gyeong, "Did you say your name was from that song? It's your mother's favorite song", and Lee Jung-gyeong replied, "Isn't it? Next, Park Joon-young played the song, saying, "I won't play again."

Later in the concert practice, Park Joon-young asked Chae Song-ah, "Would you like to hand over my sheet music?" Then, Chae Song-ah remembered Park Joon-young's "You just have to feel the pianist's breath." Han Hyun-ho, who looked at the figure, said to Lee Jung-gyeong, "Don't those two get along well?" Afterwards, Lee Jung-gyeong said to Park Joon-young, who took care of Chae Song-hwa, "Did I give this? I use it for a long time. It will be a long time for this piano too?"

After the concert, Park Jun-young asked Chae Song-ah, "How did you like to play today? Did you like it?" Troy merai hit me in the rehearsal room. Strangely, I keep thinking of the day's performance. It touches this place. Afterwards, Chae Song-ah returned to Park Jun-young with him.


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