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All The Butlers Episode 135 RAW

All The Butlers
Episode 135 RAW

"It's all over the world" "Butler" Park In-cheol, CCO also admired, Yang Se-hyung → Corona Era's Little Heroes [General]

In'The Deacons All in One', CEO Park In-cheol appeared as a master, and Yang Se-hyung obtained a patent for an idea of ​​10 million won.

Representative Park In-cheol appeared as a master in the SBS entertainment show'Butler One', which aired on the 6th.

On this day, the production crew cited the biggest difference between 2019 and 2020 as a mask, and mentioned our appearance that too much has changed in 6 months.

At the same time, he mentioned the phenomenon of profit margins such as hand sanitizer and mask, among them, he said he would meet a representative of a good company that lowered the price of the mask and sold the hand sanitizer at half price. Accordingly, the members said, "This person should be praised and known," and introduced a list of so-called'profitable companies' while delivering conscientious good companies that have set out to overcome the crisis.

I met Master in earnest, who conveyed a good influence to everyone. Called a small hero of the Corona era, he said, "I don't want to make money with my life as collateral," and drew attention as a unique corporate culture beyond a good company.

Among them, I discovered the 10 million won project at my own pace, and the members were surprised by the company that is the end-of-welfare king, saying, "How is this company?"

The production team introduced the master with the firm management philosophy of the master, saying,'Let's prove that a company can grow while fulfilling its social responsibilities,' and it was Park In-cheol, who is called the head of the startup. He handed over a business card from the beginning, and introduced the reason for writing'CCO' by saying, "My own weapon to grow the company is culture."

Cha Eun-woo asked, "I know it's a good and well-being company, but what exactly are you doing?", and Master Park In-cheol said, "It's a company that sells WOW." 

Lee Seung-gi said that he was "a company that needs money," but introduced that it sells masks and hand sanitizers. I hoped to come. He said he hopes to endure this period and become a healthy market. Accordingly, the members laughed by saying, "You should be better off with money." 

Perhaps that's why, he said, it was rumored that it was a good company in Korea from abroad, and that there were many exports.
As a result, the members were happy, saying, "It is a situation where we are getting money all over the world." 

CEO Park In-cheol recalled the time when he first started the startup, saying, "We started with 6 million won underground," and said that he raised business funds with severance pay.

He started his business with two computers in his bedroom. 21 years ago, five days a week had predicted the workweek introduced "The thought that the higher the interest in leisure sports eotda create an Internet reservation system, since was the day turnover 100 million achieved by the company," he 
"founded to 6,000,000 won in 20 years ago, 1 year I have made 8 billion a year," he said, and was amazed. 

At the same time, he told the story behind a global company, saying, "Others ask me that they are embarrassed, but I answer that I am not good enough." As a child, he was poor without being seized.

However, he said, "Anyone can start a business with an idea and a sense of challenge." 
CEO Park In-cheol said, "The challenge supported by passion is the greatest asset," and "I let the employees spend 10 million won at will to give them a sense of challenge."

It means to become the president directly without having to report and start a business with 10 million won. He said that the mask is also a project result. 
There have been failed investments, but they are only the driving force behind the company's growth. It was that the employees acted on their own with the sense of ownership and gave great autonomy.

CEO Park In-cheol said that the'Million Won Project' does not reflect interim reports and evaluations. "It does not reflect failure, and if there is a goal, it fails, but not challenging because the challenge is a goal. It is worthwhile” and said that it was a structure that encouraged people to constantly come up with ideas. 

When they came up with an idea that would bring laughter and comfort to this atmosphere in the Corona era, they told them to present the 10 million won project idea. He said that if the idea is good for the first place today, it will support 100% investment. 

Targeting people around the world living in the era of the corona pandemic, make ideas and inventions that will survive this era. He appealed to everyone by saying that if he presented an idea to overcome the corona era wisely, he would also own a patent right.


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