Thursday, September 10, 2020

Alice (2020) Episode 5 RAW

Alice (2020) 
Episode 5 RAW


'Alice' side "Joo-won goes to save Kim Hee-sun, explosive smoke + energy notice"

Can Joo-won, who went to 2010 in the drama'Alice', meet her mother?

On the 11th, SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Alice' (played by Kyu-won Kim, Chul-Gyu Kang, Ga-young Kim, and Soo-Chan Baek) released a still with Joo Won's appearance. Every Friday and Saturday night,'Alice' drives the home theater into a crucible of shock. The unpredictable development even ahead of the viewer's heart is squeezing. In the ending of the 4th episode broadcast on the 5th, Park Jin-gyeom (played by Joo Won) took a trip back to 2010 after a traffic accident and surprised everyone.

2010 is an unforgettable year in Park Jin-gyeom's life. Park Jin-gyeom's only family and mother, Park Sun-young (played by Kim Hee-sun), was the year of a mysterious murder. After that, Park Jin-gyeom became a police officer to find the killer who killed his mother. Accordingly, attention is focused on whether Park Jin-gyeom, who has gone to 2010, can meet Park Sun-young and what Park Jin-gyeom will find out here.

In the midst of this, the production crew of'Alice' revealed the appearance of Park Jin-gyeom, who ran to the house where she lived in 2010 before the main broadcast. In the photo, Park Jin-gyeom is looking inside the house from outside the window in the dark. In the place where his gaze reached, Park Sun-young is having a happy time with Park Jin-gyeom, a high school student. A situation that I can't believe even when I see it with my own eyes. In Park Jin-gyeom's eyes, sadness, regrets, doubts, and confusion are intricately intertwined.

In 2020, Jin-gyeom Park intuited the existence of time travelers. And while investigating the various murders they had committed, they found a time card that was identical to the memento of his mother Park Sun-young. Accordingly, Park Jin-gyeom is speculating that this time card is related to time travel. And actually Park Sun-young was a time traveler. Can Park Jin-gyeom go to 2010 and prevent her mother's death? Park Jin-gyeom, who went to 2010, can get a clue or clue about time travel? It stimulates the curiosity of avid viewers.

The production crew of'Alice' said, "In the 5th episode of'Alice' broadcast on this day, Park Jin-gyeom runs to save her mother. Joo-won captured Park Jin-gyeom's emotions more desperate than anyone else with explosive acting power and energy. Details can not be mentioned, but Kim Hee-seon's His deep acting skills will also pound and pound the hearts of viewers. We ask for your interest and expectation."


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