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Weekly Idol Episode 475 Super Junior Full RAW - 2 Sept 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 475 Super Junior
Full RAW - 2 Sept 2020


Weekly Idol Episode 475 Super Junior Full CLIP - 1

Weekly Idol Episode 475 Super Junior Full CLIP - 2

Weekly Idol Episode 475 Super Junior Full CLIP - 3

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Super Junior D&E's'Weekly Ah' sortie, plans to reveal the story of a member who pulls back goals

SUPER JUNIOR-D&E appeared on the weekly idol before their comeback with the mini album'BAD BLOOD'.

SUPER JUNIOR-D&E is scheduled to show off her best friend chemistry by appearing in'Weekly Idol', which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC Every1 and MBC M at 5 pm on the 2nd.

Donghae and Eunhyuk, who are friends and colleagues who have been guilty of 20 years, held a surprise revelation battle at the signboard corner of Weekly Idol,'Caught You Nom,' and made the studio hot. Leeteuk, who appeared as a special MC, also joined the exposition battle and added that firepower.

In particular, Eunhyuk confessed that the back goal was pulled because of the members' spoiler instinct. Together with Donghae's tense-free spoiler, Leeteuk expressed his dissatisfaction with the surprise spoiler that took place at the'BAD' music video set. It is said that Dong-do revealed Leeteuk's absurd mistake and embarrassed Leeteuk.

Even in Eunhyuk's revelation battle, Donghae was calm. Eunhyuk eventually exploded in response to Donghae's blatant reaction. However, leader Leeteuk looked at this happily and made the conclusion that'Donghae controls Eunhyuk well' and made my site a sea of ​​laughter.

The 20-year-old SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will be released on'Weekly Idol' and Netflix, which will be broadcast on the 2nd.


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