Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 474 CRAVITY and CLC Full Raw - 2020-08-26

Weekly Idol Episode 474
CRAVITY and CLC Full Raw 

The stage I prepared hard when I was a trainee!

Large mobility freely

Cravity XCLC'Weekly Idol', the rich charm of eight colors

Group Cravity and CLC (CLC) showed off their eight-color charm.

Cravity and CLC appeared in'Weekly Idol', which aired simultaneously on MBC Every1 and MBC M, which aired on August 26th. In the first part, CRAVITY played an active part, and in the second part, CLC showed a different opinion.

First, Cravity, who came in 4 months, came back to'Weekly Idol' with a huge list of charms. Accordingly, MCs Kwanghee and Eunhyuk started to verify the attractive list of Cravity. Under the thorough verification of MCs, the Cravity members showed various charms such as'guide the sound and jump','sound a weak mosquito', and'make a cute breath'. Although the MCs had difficulty in strict verification, Cravity succeeded in showing off various charms.

Cravity mass-produced Cravity's own meme at the'Look Here Click' corner. It is the creation of a meme that triggers a fan uncle (saving even if you are not a fan) with facial expressions that match the suggested word, such as pouting and popping bread. Afterwards, Cravity played a fierce confrontation with pork belly. While winner Woobin obtained the right to eat pork belly, the rest of the members showed their desperate personal skills to eat pork belly.

In the second part, CLC laughed. The members of CLC robbed their eyes by uncovering a battle. About Yeeun, the members laughed, saying, "I like horror and animation" and "I have a peculiar taste." They often complained about Eunbin and Eugene, saying, "It's too loud at night." Then Eunbin and Eugene said, "

CLC, which showed a sense of entertainment while playing various games, laughed wide while acquiring useful items. Finally, CLC said, "You made a game that is so fun, so I have fun playing. I think I can do well with new new song activities."


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