Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 473 ITZY - HD Raw

Weekly Idol Episode 473

Beautiful style but unique

ITZY, there is no shame..'Weekly Idol' full of obvious fun charms

ITZY, a popular idol group, gave a big laugh with a shameless charm in'Weekly Idol'.

ITZY appeared on the MBC Every1 entertainment program'Weekly Idol' on the afternoon of the 19th. ITZY, who made a comeback after 5 months, said, "I have a hobby after staying at home." At the same time, Ryujin said she had a hobby in Lia and biz art, and presented MC Eunhyuk and Kwanghee with a bead bracelet she made. Gwanghee expressed his gratitude, saying, "It's better than a luxury product."

ITZY, which showed the stage of the new song'Not Shy', participated in the new section of'Weekly Idol','Caught You Nom'. 'Caught You Nom' is a game where each member randomly picks a different crime name and selects a member corresponding to this crime. ITZY held a revelation battle full of charm without shame in this corner.

To Ryujin, the members said, "I'm in a hurry. I hate the food cooling. I hope I cooked the meat and eat it." As for Yuna, he said, "It's very noisy. Sometimes Yuna and Lia fight childishly at the dorm. Then later, they laugh."

In particular, the disclosure of foreknowledge was unusual. The members laughed, saying, "It's a member that makes the atmosphere fight. So we called it Gapbunye. It's funny these days, but at that time," they laughed. “I have a lot of mistakes these days. I confuse one letter a lot. There was a choreography that made a slide while I was seriously practicing the choreography.

ITZY showed a special facial expression without shame to fit the nickname of a facial expression restaurant group. Each member brought out the cheers of MC Eun-hyuk and Kwang-hee by mass-producing the meme that caused'Fan Azur (saving even if not a fan)'. 'Parking Queen Car IT' Z YOU' for Yeji and Ryu Jin, who recently acquired a driver's license, was also conducted. The members performed the mission of driving a toy car and parking it in a designated area.

ITZY, who gave a big laugh with the game of'Cry in the Silence', said, "I think you are having a lot of fun this time. I will be able to do really well because of this activity. I hope you will love us a lot because we prepared hard."

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