Monday, August 10, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 472 "ATEEZ"Raw - 2020-08-12

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 Weekly Idol Episode 472
"ATEEZ"Raw - 2020-08-12

With the new album'ZERO:FEVER part.1' (Zero:FEVER part 1), Ateez, a talented idol who has set a new record by recording initial sales of 230,000 copies, will appear on'Weekly Idol'.

At 5 pm on the 12th, at 5 pm on MBC Every1 and MBC M,'Weekly Idol' simultaneously broadcasted 180 degrees of cute charm.

ATEEZ is usually called'Maramat Idol' with a powerful and hot stage. But it was different in'Weekly Idol'. ATEEZ showed off her cute charm that she had usually hidden.

ATEEZ has many hidden aegyo craftsmen, including the youngest Jongho, who is the mood maker in the team, and Sunghwa, famous for the aegyo of the legend'Mamma'. Accordingly, a weekly aegyo ‘Mamma’ aegyo champion decisive match was held in ATEEZ to cover the top of the aegyo.

It is said that the studio has been colored with aegyo by showing the charm of 8 people and 8 colors, from the calyx mamma to the longest mamma, and the mamma that calls a puppet hammer.

The aegyo champion, selected by the self-voting of the ATEEZ members, performed an otoke song alone. Following'Mamma', he completely digested the Ottoke song, solidifying the position of ATEEZ's unsurpassed aegyo.

The aegyo song of ATEEZ members and the otoke song of the aegyo champion will be released on'Weekly Idol' and Netflix, which will be broadcast on the 12th.


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