Saturday, August 22, 2020

Running Man Episode 517 RAW


Running Man
Episode 517 RAW

'Running Man' Se-Chan Yang, healed after health recovery... The members "looked good"

Running Man' Yang Se-chan boasted a handsome visual after recovering health.

In SBS'Running Man', which aired on the 23rd, the members talking about the recent situation were drawn.

Previously, Yang Se-chan was unable to participate in the recording of'Running Man' once due to her condition. As a result, the members admired Yang Se-chan, saying, "I came because I'm so ugly. I'm handsome."

Yoo Jae-seok pointed out the excessive cheek touch to Jeon So-min, saying, "Why did you forcefully breathe life?" Jeon So-min said, "Don’t come because I’m going to visit you."

Yang Se-chan said, "I couldn't show you," but Ji Suk-jin asked, "Did you wear a urine line?" and made the audience laugh.

In addition, Lee Kwang-soo showed his skin burnt status. Lee Kwang-soo is currently filming the movie'Pirates 3'. The members asked, "Who is the main character of the movie?", and when Lee Kwang-soo answered "River Sky", they predicted that it would be "good."

At the same time, Lee Kwang-soo was angry when the members asked, "Does the sky come out as a friend?" Haha also asked, "Is the sky your girlfriend's best friend?", and Lee Kwang-soo added a laugh by explaining, "Honestly, it's all right, so I can't say something.

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