Saturday, August 8, 2020

Running Man Episode 515 RAW


Running Man Episode 515 RAW

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'Running Man' Kim Young-min, Ha Do-kwon, Ji Seung-hyun, and Kim Yong-ji,'prison break notice' in the past breakout race.

'Running Man' and'Scene Stealer' actors all appear.

SBS'Running Man', which airs on the afternoon of the 9th, is scheduled to hold a previous-level jailbreak race.

In the recent recording, the members began to immerse themselves in the'prison situational drama' as they were decomposed into prisoners from the opening and held in prison.

The members provided big fun by revealing the crimes that would suit them, from economic offenders to gamblers and house intruders.

Ji Suk-jin denied the charges by saying, "I came in because of a misunderstanding" to the members' blame for being a'economic criminal', while Lee Kwang-soo, who played a great role as a gambler in the movie'Tazza;', admitted the crime of gambling.

Jeon So-min, the official lover of'Running Man', confidently revealed the sin that "I came to the government" and made the scene laugh.

In particular,'new stealer actors' Kim Young-min, Ha Do-kwon, Ji Seung-hyun, and Kim Yong-ji appeared as new inmates on this day.

Kim Young-min, who became a hot topic in the role of an cheating husband in the drama'Couple World', and Ha Do-kwon who left a strong impression in the SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Stove League', the movie'Wind', the drama'Mr. Sunshine' and'Descendants of the Sun' Ji Seung-hyun, the protagonist, and Kim Yong-ji, who announced his presence in the SBS Friday and Saturday drama'The King: Eternal Lord', made'Running Man' into a movie by adding fierceness and tension to the race like a scene stealer actor.


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