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Radio Star Episode 687 Full Raw - 2020-08-26

Radio Star Episode 687
Full Raw - 2020-08-26

'Radio Star' Hyuna, "Eiden♥" The aspect of a lover → "MV deliberation impossible" is also a king of color

 The story of'The King of Kings' Hyuna, who expressed her sexyness only with her eyes, was judged impossible to deliberate on the music video.

MBC entertainment program'Radio Star', which aired on the afternoon of the 26th, featured actors Jang Young-nam, Shin So-yul, singers Kim Hyun-ah, and Kim Yo-han as a special feature of'It's okay though it's reversed.

On this day, Hyuna said about the new song that was postponed for health reasons, "I spent money reluctantly this time," and said, "I spend money reluctantly every time. Just because I had to spend a lot of labor costs, I did not reduce it."

Hyun-a, who remembered Ahn Young-mi while performing the choreography, warmed up the studio atmosphere by performing a hot'lymph circulation dance' with Ahn Young-mi.

"The quality of life is better than Kim Gura," said Hyuna, who aroused curiosity, and smiled, saying, "I like the quality of life these days, rather than the quality of life."

Hyuna said, "I live close to Dunn. It's about 3 minutes on foot. It's good to be able to keep what I'm going to keep, and the feeling that I want to see every day is good." Kim Goo-ra asked, "Do you know each other's password?" However, Hyuna said, "I don't usually dress up well. I don't care if I suddenly come in because it's always no makeup when I meet Duney."

After having a public relationship with Hyuna, Eden appeared in'Radio Star'. At that time, Dunn became a hot topic by kissing Kim Gura and others. Kim Hyun-ah showed a cool appearance, saying, "That's the most memorable, but I thought'He's like that there too.'"

Hyuna said, "When I asked for advice from Dunn, who appeared earlier, he said,'Kim Gura hyung has good skin and has elasticity.' I wanted to ask in detail what he was talking about at the pre-meeting and what he was talking about when recording. But Dunn 'Are you the first radio star?' He said he laughed."

"I really hate that Dune laughs. I only laugh with my mouth," said Hyuna, saying, "I didn't ask because Dunn said,'Be comfortable, I'm a senior.'

However, Hyuna confessed that there was a fix while monitoring Dunn's appearance. It is to call his real name Kim Hyo-jong. Hyuna said, "When I send a text message or sometimes get angry, I sometimes call my real name instead of my nickname. It's when I'm angry. I didn't know well, but I saw'Las' and I knew it. I tried to fix it as much as possible. Now I reduced it from 10 to 2 times." said.

Hyuna, famous for her sexy costumes on stage, said, "I try to cover up somewhere when I wear clothes. When I expose my tops, I try to wear bottoms. When I shoot a music video, I end up wearing clothes that are as small as the palm of my hand. These days I want to wear more clothes. "He said.

"In the past, there were cases where there was no deliberation on music broadcasts," said Hyuna, who said, "I made a music video for deliberation on a broadcasting station focusing on close-ups, but I was unable to deliberate because my eyes were gloomy."

Kim Gura picked the point under Hyuna's eyes as the attractive point. Hyuna said, "When I was young, I thought it was tears, but I knew it wasn't bad, so I didn't cover it."

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