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Radio Star Episode 687 Full Raw - 2020-08-19

Radio Star Episode 687
Full Raw - 2020-08-19

In the released video, Jung Il-woo drew attention by saying, "Lee Soon-jae and Na Moon-hee will visit and contact you" when asked if you are living like a grandson with Na Moon-hee and her grandmother.

After the movie'I Can Speak' was released, Na Moon-hee confessed that "I really fell in tears" at the gift sent by Jung Il-woo, recalling the time when he was very sick with shingles due to the unreasonableness of winning awards at various film festivals or filming other dramas. Chaenggi revealed the beautiful story of his grandson Jung Il-woo.

He also confessed an anecdote that seems to see a grandmother and grandson in reality, where the feelings of sadness and coolness go back and forth. Na Moon-hee rejected Jung Il-woo's invitation to play and said, "I have to go to my daughter in the United States in a few days," and then revealed that Jung Il-woo replied, "Please go to America," and laughed.

All the MCs of'Las' who were listening to the episode said, "You're bored! “You're pissed!”, and Jung Il-woo, embarrassed by the unexpected revelation, drew a'X' character with his whole body and caused laughter.

In addition, Na Moon-hee confessed that he expected that Jung Il-woo would consider appearing in'Las' because he hit an iron wall saying, "I'm sorry my grandmother couldn't go to the play." However, unexpectedly, showing off his loyalty and looking at Jung Il-woo, who appeared as a special MC of'Las', made me look forward to the story of two people who boast of a steamed grandmother and grandchild chemistry.

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