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Radio Star Episode 686 Full Raw - 2020-08-12

Radio Star Episode 686
Full Raw - 2020-08-12

Seonmi, who follows Park Jin-young's injections the same wa

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'Radio Star' Sunmi "JYP, it's hard to see more than 5 minutes"... Park Jin-young, father of '16 months daughter fool'.

Singer Sunmi showed a pleasant breath with her teacher and duet partner Park Jin-young.

On the 2nd at 10:50 pm on the MBC'Radio Star', Jinyoung Park and Sunmi appear together. For the music video, Sunmi raises curiosity by revealing the secret (?) of ending'Eye Contact' shooting safely with Park Jin-young and the concept of a lover.

'Radio Star' is decorated with a special feature of'Who is the Master' with Park Jin-young, his favorite student Sunmi, and his teacher Kim Hyeong-seok. According to the production crew, Park Jin-young is making a comeback with the new song'When We Disco'. This song has been attracting attention even before the release, with Sunmi of'Aesthetic Student' of the group Wonder Girls, created by Park Jin-young.

Seon-mi, who has made a duet with Park Jin-young, is caught up in Park Jin-young's fatalistic (?) question, and said she could not refuse the duet proposal, raising questions about what happened. In addition, he is going to reveal the secret (?) of making'eye contact' while shooting a music video for the concept of a couple with teacher Park Jin-young, saying, "It is not easy to see the PD for 5 minutes."

Sunmi also hints at Park Jinyoung's change. At the time of recording the hit song '24 hours is not enough', Sunmi, who revealed that he recorded one letter of "Mo~" for 3 days, confesses that "this time the recording was finished in two hours," stimulates curiosity. Kim Hyung-seok, who quietly listened to the story of the two, raises curiosity when he said that Park Jin-young gave an answer like Solomon about the reason for the change.

On the other hand, Park Jin-young and Kim Hyeong-suk make a story flower with an unexpected common denominator. The first topic is daughter. The two late daughters became fools and couldn't hide their dad's smile by revealing an anecdote with the child. Park Jin-young, the father of two daughters, is expected to show off his daughter's foolishness by revealing anecdotes showing off his genius musical temperament and extraordinary bounce when he listened to the hit song'It's Only You' at 16 months.

Another concern of Park Jin-young and Kim Hyung-seok was none other than'Las' MC Kim Gura. The two said, "Kim Gura is so cute," and they plan to embarrass Kim Gura by revealing the characteristics of Kim Gura, who can only pick up'steamed lovers'.


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