Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Radio Star Episode 685 Full Raw [라디오 스타] - 4-8-2020

Radio Star Episode 685
Full Raw [라디오 스타] - 4-8-2020

Stephanie unveiled a relationship behind her boyfriend.

'Radio Star', an MBC entertainment program broadcast on the 5th, is called'New Dream Team!' Special features include Lee Hye-young, Kim Ho-jung, Stephanie, and So-yeon.

“I was waiting for a scandal and waiting for'Ras',” said Stephanie, who became a hot topic with her relationship with Brady Anderson, who represented America's major league. "I'm in a long-distance relationship, but I haven't been able to meet for 5 months because of Corona 19."

Next, Stephanie said, “My boyfriend was the vice-chairman of the club, and when I was a ballerina in LA, I met for the first time at the banquet hall. I saw it, and then I was 25. “My boyfriend is 64 years old, so he is one year older than Mr. Kook-Jin Kim.”

On the other hand, Stephanie raised a curiosity by revealing that she had confirmed her love while fighting with her boyfriend. “I'm very old and I have been friends for eight years,” said Stephanie. I know it with my mother, but I'm only 4 years old from my mother.” “I stayed as a friend and argued when I met again this year. I have a ballet referee and my boyfriend has a baseball referee. When injured, we unconditionally iced it, but it came with proof that it could not be scientifically explained. The argument raised the voice while arguing and said,'If your boyfriend was a former major league player, pretend to listen.' In one word, I thought to myself,'Is it a girlfriend?'

Next, Stephanie said, “As I was older, I didn’t say that it was 1 day from today, so I went to this place and met with great feelings. I admitted that I had been dating since the beginning of this year because of work.”

Viewers who watched the TV show reactions such as “Happy for a long time”, “No, the reason I started dating is so funny.”

Meanwhile, MBC entertainment program'Radio Star' is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:50 pm.


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