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Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Episode 205 Full RAW

Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling
Episode 205 Full RAW




On the 30th aired on SBS''My Ugly Little Boy', Lee Tae-seong was depicted constantly nagging.

On this day, Lee Tae-sung was shocked by the mess in the living room. My younger brother Seong Yubin did not clean up after eating. Lee Tae-sung, who had been cleaning for about two hours, looked silently when his younger brother Sung Yu-bin came out.

When Seong Yu-bin asked, "Do you want to clean from morning," Lee Tae-sung asked, "When did you eat rice?" In response, Seong Yu-bin said, "I woke up and tried to clean it up, but why did my brother clean it up alone?"

Lee Tae-sung eagerly wiped the floor and mumbled, saying, "People who eat separately, separate people," and Seong Yu-bin did not listen and lie down on the sofa, causing Lee Tae-sung's frustration.

Special MC Kwak Do-won, who watched this in the studio, said, "How old are you two? If you are two years apart, you can catch it (?)," Seo Jang-hoon said, "If you are two years old, you won't listen."

My ugly baby' Kwak Do-won, confessed to the past of Paul-Paul → the late Vengers Express top

In SBS'My Ugly Little Boy', the charismatic actor Kwak Do-won presents laughter with the charm full of human beauty that can be seen outside the screen.

On this day, Kwak Do-won, who has become a leading actor in Chungmuro, drew attention by releasing an unimaginable anecdote (?) when he was unknown.

Kwak Do-won has been filming for a week, but from the film that only appeared once on his back, to the reversal past, where people shed tears when only acting. After hearing this, the late Vengers handed over the storm saying, “You must have done a lot of hard work in your heart,” and said that he fell in love with Kwak Do-won's human charm.

Not only that, Kwak Do-won surprised her mothers with an unexpected confession (?). None other than that, he confessed to his heart that there is someone who is too envious among the children of'Miwoobird'. By the way, Kwak Do-won and the late Vengers, who had been showing warm chemistry all the time, threw a bone-inspired stone ball to ruin the studio, saying, "Hey, get married and start a family."

Indeed, who was the'Miwoobird' that brought on Kwak Do-won's envy, you can check on

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