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Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling Episode 201 Full RAW

Mom’s Diary – My Ugly Duckling
 Episode 201 Full RAW

Mom’s Diary – 
My Ugly Duckling 
Episode 201 Full RAW - PART - 1

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'Miwoo Sae' Hong Jin-young, Lee Sang-hyung's World Cup result, “The winner is Kim Jong-kook ♥”

Trot singer Jin-young Hong selected Kim Jong-guk as the ideal type among members of the'Missae'.

In the SBS'My Ugly Cub' broadcast on the 2nd, the appearance of Hong-Jin Hong's Hong Jin-Young, executive director Tak Jae-Hoon, Kim Jong-Kook, and Lee Sang-Min, Kim Hee-Cheol, was released.

“I should wear as much as I am,” said executive officer Hee-hee, who visited Hong Jin-young's house with a clean look. "Isn't everyone wearing it too comfortable?" “I thought it was the People's Army,” Kim Jong-kuk laughed at the officers wearing a khaki shirt.

Tak Jae-hoon raised the water level and added that Kim Jong-un made special makeup, saying, "When we are among us, we are like a tea break." In this regard, executive officer said, “It is too much to be an open class. I just had good manners,” he said.

On that day, Kim Jin-guk praised Hong Jin-young, who showed off her new house force with an apron in a white dress, saying, "I am a natural woman." In response to the question, "Does Hong Jin-young look like a woman now?" Kim Jong-guk explained, "It's different from work." Nevertheless, the officer asked, "Did you not have a thumb between the two?"

Hong Jin-young prepared for'Misaeae' is a gorgeous Jeolla-do table. “If my wife cooks well, my husband tells me that he will come back home even if it’s windy,” said Kim Jong-guk, “what do you do when you come home after the wind?” "It shouldn't be windy," he dismissed, making the Mobengers laugh.

What Lee Sang-min asked Hong Jin-young at this spot is, "Who will choose if there are only eight'Misaeae' sons left in this world?'

Accordingly, during the outbreak of Hong Jin-young's World Cup, Mobengers showed great interest. Kim Jong-guk's rival, who entered the semi-finals with a fatality, is Bae Jung-nam.

Hong Jin-young chose Kim Jong-guk and said, “I don’t see a man's body. However, Bae Jeong-nam looks a little blunt.”

In the final, Kim Jong-guk and Seo Jang-hoon faced each other. Again, Jin-Young Hong's choice is Kim Jong-guk. Seo Jang-hoon smiled bitterly at the result without reversal


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