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Knowing Bros Episode 245 EXO Full RAW

Knowing Bros
Episode 245 EXO Full RAW

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'Knowing Brother' Super M, visual X entertainment'Avengers' class performance #panties #shower #farts [General]

 Group Super M (Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark Lucas Ten, SuperM) boasted a perfect sense of entertainment as the visual.

In the JTBC entertainment program'Knowing Brother', which aired on the 29th, Super M visited as a transfer student of his brother's school and appeared in Korea's first entertainment show. 

Super M is an allied group of members of SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV. Leader Baekhyun explained, "We first united in a foreign country last year. It is a global project group created under the production of Mr. Lee Soo-man."

When asked if there is any conflict due to the combined team, Baekhyun took his luck, saying, "My younger siblings are good. He listens to the hyungs well. At first, I met them as seniors and juniors, so it was awkward."

Baekhyun mentioned'taking a shower together' as the secret to becoming familiar with the members. In response, Kai said, "I am used to taking a shower all the time. My juniors seem to have never had this like this." 

When each member was offered a group shower, they conveyed their feelings and drew attention. Taeyong said, "I was a little lost. I was ready to show my inside, but my brothers weren't ready to see inside. Recently, we all worked together." Ten said, "If you take it off, take it off. If it's not awkward over there, take it off together," he laughed.

The time when the members complained about the leader Baekhyun also naturally continued. Taemin revealed, "There are times when we have to shoot or show a professional appearance. At that time, it is more important for Baekhyun hyung to make us laugh. While stretching and relaxing, we keep doing funny moves alone. It disturbs the atmosphere."

Mark, who has raised his dream by watching SHINee's'Juliet', drew attention by revealing his fan spirit for Taemin. Mark said, "It was amazing just to be in the same practice room together at the beginning. The appearance of each person like a hero of'Avengers' is also cool. It was also cool that we each get in a car. Taemin is more so because of the different cars alone." said. In response, Kai added, "It's a foreign car," and laughed.

Earlier, as a member of EXO, Kai appeared in'Knowing Brother' and performed an active part. At that time, Kai gave a big laugh as he was embarrassed to hear Baekhyun's explanation in "two letters in the panties" during "Cry in the Silence". The clip video exceeded 20 million views and emerged as a topic in the market.

Kai said about the reaction after appearing in'Knowing Brother', "I saw a lot of people around me, so I got a lot of contact. People say,'Huh? It's panties." I'm Kai. The first person I saw came and said,'I saw the panties well.'" .

Kai revealed that his thoughts on entertainment have changed a lot with the opportunity of'An Knowing Brother'. Kai said, "It was burdensome to go out to entertainment.

"When I went out with'panties', it was too burdensome because people were'panties'. But nowadays, thanks to'panties', I watched a lot of dancing videos. In the comments,'was this kind of person?' He said, “I thought this was a virtuous cycle, so I changed my mind to go to entertainment a lot.”

Baekhyun aroused curiosity when he called his nickname'Fundae'. About the background of becoming a leader as a leader, Baekhyun said, "Taemin helps a lot. Isn't that a senior? Taemin said,'Don't you think it's not this?' When I do it, I feel fine, but it becomes'I'll talk and come'."

Ten surprised everyone by showing off his extraordinary wealth. Ten's hometown has a private zoo. When asked about this, Ten replied, "It's not that big. There are 2 monkeys, 7 puppies, and 10 flying squirrels."

On this day, Super M performed a powerful sword group dance through the stage of the new song '100' released on the 14th. Subsequently, some of the stage of the unreleased new song'Tiger' scheduled to be released on September 1st was released for the first time and attracted attention. 

Super M, boasting as many strengths as the number of members, entered the'Guess me' section after successfully enrolling in his brother's school. 

Following Baekhyun, Lucas, and Mark, Taeyong presented a problem with the person and reason who touched him. The answer was'Kim Hee-cheol who bought a high-performance computer.' Taeyong said, "My computer was so bad that I kept going alone. Hee-cheol put up with it at first, but in fact, this is very awkward. I still use that computer."

Ten confessed that he had been embarrassed while playing ballet. Ten said, "There were a lot of girls. Whenever I was embarrassed, there was a lot of air. The teacher told me to relax because I was so nervous. I was jumping in a relaxed state, and I felt it at that time.

Taemin, who was nicknamed'Tanos' because of frequent damage to things, said that she took a shower with wireless earphones. Taemin calmly said, "Because the water entered, it broke down," and everyone was puzzled.

Kai asked why her elementary school friend was surprised by her. Kai recalled, "I went to the bath, and my friend thought I was a woman and had fun, and when I got up, he asked,'Are you a man?'"

'Knowing Brother' EXO Baekhyun "Taemin, Always Push, Super M Leader"

EXO Baekhyun confesses about himself as a SuperM leader in'Knowing Brother'.

Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas, and Ten from global project group SuperM appear in JTBC's'Knowing Brother', which will be broadcast at 9 pm today (29th).

On this day, you can meet Super M for the first time in'Knowing Brother'. Members deliver special group episodes. They even show off a splendid performance and say hello.

EXO's Baekhyun unfolds the episode he experienced as a leader during Super M activities. Usually Baekhyun complains to the company as a leader instead of the members, but he always moves because of Taemin's words. Baekhyun said, "After listening to Taemin's words, he always says,'I'll talk and come.'"

The brothers asked other Super M members, "Is Baekhyun dignified as a leader?", and Kai's answer that follows brings a big smile to the scene.

Knowing Brother' Kai-Tae-Yong, Super M's High Difficulty Choreography Lesson "Kang Ho-dong is too busy"

Dong-Shingi presents a challenge to Super M's new song '100'.

Super M's Kai and Tae-yong choreographed by Hodong-Shin-dong in JTBC's'Knowing Brother After-School Activity-Dong Dong Shin Ki' (hereinafter'Dong Dong Shin Ki'), which will be released on the 29th (Saturday) at 10:40 pm on TV and YouTube channels. Lessons.

Super M is a team consisting of SHINee's Taemin, EXO's Baekhyun and Kai, and NCT's Taeyong, Ten, Mark, and Lucas. As the new song '100' boasts a splendid performance tailored to an intense beat, Kai and Taeyong, the main dancers of each team, joined as dance teachers.

Ho-dong, who played an active part in the first episode as EXORAGE K, before class, asked Kai to show the original'growl' choreography. As a result, Kai showed off his original power by showing off his extraordinary strength and overwhelming dance line, and was admired not only by Dong Dong Shingi but also by the production team at the site. When Ho-dong couldn't continue saying, “It’s the same dance, can it be so different?” Dong-sen-bae Shin-dong said, “Exorage K (Ho-dong) is different from all people in any dance.”

Hodong, who saw Kai X Taeyong's '100' stage for a full-fledged class, was embarrassed, saying, "It's a highly difficult choreography." However, his skills improved little by little with the guidance of a strong reinforcement leader and Kai's proper use of carrots and sticks. Kai continued the semi-mal concept in line with the'Knowing Brother's After-School Activities' and instructed Hodong, saying, "Do whatever you want," and "I'm too busy," the back door that made the site a sea of ​​laughter.

Dong Dong Shin Ki's dance class with Super M Kai X Tae-yong can be found at JTBC's'Knowing Brother After School Activities-Dong Dong Shin Ki', which will be released on TV and YouTube channels at 10:40 pm on Saturday the 29th.


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