Friday, August 28, 2020

King of Mask Singer Episode 270 RAW

King of Mask Singer 
Episode 270 RAW


'King of Mask Singer' Son Seung-yeon, challenged'Mrs. Rose' ahead of 6 consecutive wins, "I want to keep my record"

In MBC's'King of Mask Singers', which will be broadcast tomorrow (30th), the stage of'Mrs. Rose' will begin with four masked singers to occupy the gawangseok and protect the gawangseok.

Sohn Seung-yeon, the No. 1 female singer in the rankings,'Best of the East', brings up a challenge to the current singer,'Mrs. Rose', attracting attention. She shows off her honest appearance and witty talk, saying, “I want to keep my record!” over the singer'Mrs. Rose', who is about to win six consecutive victories.

Meanwhile, attention is expected to focus on the solo stage of the talented masked singer'Well done,' which has been highly praised by netizens since last week's duet stage. After seeing her stage, Yoo Young-seok cannot shut up, saying, “A song like a luxury,” and Lee Yoon-seok praises her as “the best voice in Korea” and predicts her advance to the Gawangjeon.

In addition,'Hip-hop Legend' Hyun Jin-young can't shut his mouth when he sees the masked singer who perfectly digested his song. After seeing the stage, he praised, saying, "This song is hard to beat Hyun Jin-young, but it's really amazing."

The fierce battle for Gawangseok and the special reasoning of the judges can be confirmed at 6:20 tomorrow evening'The King of Mask Singers'.


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