Saturday, August 22, 2020

King of Mask Singer Episode 269 RAW

'King of Mask Singer' Gold Grass·Evolution·Kim Song·Juri, Tears + Impressions Previous-class anti-war stage'Creepy' [Comprehensive]

Geum Jandi, Jinhwa, Kim Song, and Juri presented a stage-class anti-war stage with tears and emotions.

On the 23rd broadcast of MBC's'The King of Mask Singers', a confrontation of eight masked singers who challenged the five crowns, Mrs. Rose, was unfolded. 

In the first round of the first round, a duet between Busan Milmyeon and Suwon Wang Galbi was played. The two masked singers selected Jo Sung-mo's'Pledge'. The stage of Busan Milmyeon with a powerful and seasoned voice and Suwon Wang Galbi, which also boasted a cool treble, made the judging team's shoulders shake. 

On this day, while Suwon Wang Galbi advanced to the next round, Busan Milmyeon revealed his identity. Busan Milmyeon was amazed by the trot singer's golden grass. 

Geum Jandi said, “I was actually a dream from the beginning of the program to be a masked singer. I waited for a long time in case people would not know, but today's debut is the 20th anniversary, and today's appearance seems to be the 20th anniversary gift.” 

In the second round of the first round, a battle between a retriever and a clubber unfolded. The duet stage of Clubber, who provoked the woman's heart with the charm of the bass and the sophisticated voice and rap skills, captivated the judging team. 

On this day, while Clubber advanced to the next round, the retriever revealed his identity by singing Kim Hyun-sik's'Like Music Like Rain'. The retriever was revealed as Ham So-won's husband and a Chinese broadcaster, Evolution. The fact that the retriever was a foreigner led the judges to fall into trouble. 

Evolution told his wife, “My wife has suffered a lot these days. We are happy. And I love you” and delivered a video letter. “There are a lot of fights and viewers misunderstand them. Me and Sowon Ham have more happy things. Viewers, don't worry. I usually love a lot,” he said. 

In the third round of the first round, five stars and a great job matched. The two masked singers selected Zaja's'In the Bus'. The husky voice penetrating the eardrums presented an intense stage with attractive five stars, a cool tone full of refreshing sensation, and a power vocal full of energy. 

Five stars revealed their faces while advancing to the next round. Five Stars was revealed as Kim Song, the rapper of the group Coke and the wife of Kang Won-rae. 

On this day, Kim Song said that the reason why he decided to appear in the Mask Singer King was because of his son Sun-i. My appearance resembles my dad, but unfortunately, my personality resembles me. I am timid and timid. I was able to appear with the desire to show my son the image of a confident and brave mother and say,'You can do it too.'” In addition, he mentioned the name of her husband Kang Won-rae as a singer he would like to recommend to the'King of Mask Singer', and Kim Hyun-cheol of the judge said, “I hope Kang Won-rae will come out. When Kang Won-rae comes out, there will be a lot of people who gain strength from it,” and Kim Song also blushed with tears. 

In the fourth round of the first round, Sakthree and Sorigo performed a duet song confrontation by singing'To My Adolescent' of Bolred Adolescent. The song of Sakthree, which reveals the refreshing and bouncing charm with a voice full of personality, and the warm beauty of Sorigo that wraps around the ears, harmonized with the beautiful lyrics and presented an impressive stage. 

On this day, Thrigo had the joy of advancing to the next round. In response, Sakthree revealed her identity by singing a solo song. It was revealed as Juri, a Japanese member of Rocket Punch. Regarding his future plans, Jury said, “It's only been a year since Rocket Punch debuted. I will work hard,” he said. 

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