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I've Been There Once Episode 75 RAW

'Doda' Lee Jung-eun and Cheon Ho-jin's welcome party at the house "The best day to live" Tears of happiness.

In the KBS 2TV weekend drama'I've Goed Once', which aired on the afternoon of the 8th, Kang Cho-yeon (Lee Jeong-eun) met Song Young-dal (Cheon Ho-jin)'s family.

On this day, Kang Cho-yeon was nervous before meeting Song Young-dal's family. The premiere was worried, "Would you like to cheat that you had been selling water in the past?", and Young-dal said, "There is no such thing as a family."

Song Young-dal said, "Your family will like you. What are you worried about when you have an older brother?" The premiere said, "I'm always alone because I'm a habit."

Young-dal's family was very happy, saying, "Welcome to my aunt." Jang Ok-bun (cha Hwa-yeon) said, "Dear, I was so close, but I'm sorry for not knowing." Kang Cho-yeon was awkward and delighted, saying, "I don't know what is."

The reunion with my real family was touching. In the warmth, each family stole tears. Jang Ok-ja (played by Baek Ji-won) enjoyed the warm atmosphere, saying, "It looks nice and envious. It's the morning wind that my brother-in-law treats his aunt."

Young-dal was wondering at the appearance of not being separated from Seo Jin-i while eating rice, thinking about the past and saying, "It seems like you have a lot of blood." 

Song Ga-hee (played by Oh Yoon-ah) also expressed his extraordinary impression, saying, "When I saw it at the Kimbap house, I felt different." Jang Ok-ja, who argued with the premiere over Chi-Soo Yang (played by Ahn Gil-gang), laughed, saying, "I didn't know it was in-laws and said a lot of things I wouldn't say."

Kang Cho-yeon said, "Thank you very much. I was nervous when I came in, but I haven't been with my family for a long time. I am excited to welcome you warmly. It seems to be the best day in my life." While preparing for bed, Jang Ok-bun laughed at the premiere, saying, "The sound of a girl comes out easily."

After the celebration party, Kang Cho-yeon, who was left alone in the room, thought of the monk as she stroked the beads. The premiere said, "I am a young lady, my aunt, and my aunt grandmother. Suddenly, I have a lot of family, so it's weird, but it's good. I think I'm strong and have a lot on my side." "Monk, don't worry about me and go with ease."

I've Been There Once Episode 75 RAW

'I've been there once' Lee Cho-hee and Lee Sang-yi → Lee Min-jung and Lee Sang-yeop, collection of famous scenes.

'I've been there once' (hereinafter'handada') is permeating deeply into the home theater.

KBS2's weekend drama'I've Goed Once' (played by Yang Hee-seung, directing Lee Jae-sang) has a 35.6% viewership rating (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide), and continues to be hot. In addition, it was ranked 2nd in the topical ranking of TV dramas (based on the Good Data Corporation topicality index) for 9 consecutive weeks, proving the passionate love of viewers. Accordingly, we summarized the best one minute and famous scenes in the viewership rating that led to the immersion of the home theater.

◆ Lee Min-jeong·Lee Sang-yeop-Lee Cho-hee·Lee Sang-i, the moments that stand out in the real melodies

Na-hee Song (Lee Min-jung), Yoon Gyu-jin (Lee Sang-yeop), Song Da-hee (Lee Cho-hee), and Yoon Jae-suk are continuing a secret relationship after establishing an'Alliance' The moments of (Lee Sang-i) are positioned as points of laughter. The four people are enjoying a date even in their busy lives, and they are continuing a sweet relationship, such as whispering love over the phone. In particular, the trivial daily life of Brother Yun, who gradually raises his voice as if there was competition while singing a serenade, and Song Sister, who wrestled with saying that each lover is better at singing, infuses the hearts of viewers.

◆ Cheon Ho-jin-Lee Jung-eun, dramatic sibling reunion

The dramatic reunion of Song Young-dal (played by Cheon Ho-jin) and Kang Cho-yeon (played by Lee Jeong-eun) was enough to stimulate viewers' tear glands. Hong Yeon-hong (played by Cho Mi-ryeong), who pretended to be Song Young-dal's fake younger brother, was shocked to see Kang Cho-yeon nursing her mother. After a long time, the people who learned that each other were siblings announced a dramatic reunion by calling each other "Opa" and "Youngsook." At this time, the heartfelt eyes showed the complex minds and sorrowful feelings of the two, and once again created a famous scene.

◆ Yoon-ah Oh-Ki-hoon Ki-Hoon,

The relationship between Song Ga-hee (played by Oh Yoon-ah) and Park Hyo-shin (played by Ki-Hoon Ki-Hoon), which changed subtly after confessing a heartfelt back hug , created a pleasant tension. Not only does Song Ga-hee care about him implicitly, but also worry about him who disappeared silently. Her worries about Park Hyo-shin all day showed that her nerves were concentrated and informed of a strange change in relationship. Afterwards, Song Ga-hee, who faced Park Hyo-shin in the middle of the night, revealed regret and complicated feelings, and Park Hyo-shin hugged her silently, revealing her sympathy. This scene clearly showed the wave of emotion and attraction that occurred to the two people, and even the viewers were excited.

Like this,'handada' is added to the immersion of viewers by adding the actors' passionate performances that increase the sensitivity and persuasion of the characters gradually increasing. In addition, immediately after the drama ended, all the clips released on the online portal site recorded explosive views. In particular, the video containing the moment of the dramatic sibling reunion between Song Young-dal and Kang Cho-yeon surpassed 600,000 views, captivating viewers by recording the highest rating of 37%.


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