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House On Wheels Episode 11 Full RAW

House On Wheels
Episode 11 Full RAW 

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'House with Wheels' Ha Ji-won, a reaction rich man singing a fixed love call... Let's go together for Season 2 [General]

A reaction rich guest optimized for'House with Wheels' appeared. Actor Ha Ji-won is the main character.

In tvN'House with Wheels', which aired on the 20th, Ha Ji-won appeared as a guest and went camping in Geoje.

The three men in'House with Wheels' cheered at Ha Ji-won's appearance. Ha Ji-won is a well-known React rich man. As Kim Hee-won said, “Ha Ji-won laughs a little bit, so say anything”, he launched a clear reaction while looking around the'house on the wheel'.

A special gift was also prepared for the three men. It is the pickled cucumbers and 3-year-old pickles. Following this, when Ha Ji-won entered the kitchen to make Oji cold soup, Kim Hee-won and Yeo Jin-gu rolled up their arms to help him.

Seeing the appearance, Seong Dong-il laughed, saying, "Ha Ji-won is coming, so everyone runs in."

Next, Seong Dong-il asked Yeo Jin-gu, "How do you feel when you see Ha Ji-won for the first time?" Yeo Jin-gu laughed shyly, saying, "I couldn't see it."

Yeo Jin-gu is a longtime fan of Ha Ji-won. Because of this, from the moment Ha Ji-won visited the'House with Wheels', Jin-gu Yeo appeared nervous.

In response, Ha Ji-won said, “My mother is a fan of Yeo Jin-gu. He laughed at me because he liked it very much because I came out in'House with Wheels'. Seong Dong-il made a laugh by asking, "Aren't your mother talking about me and Hee-won Kim?"

Meanwhile, on this day, Ha Ji-won and the three men visited Mongdol Beach and had a confrontation with Mulsujebi. Ha Ji-won made the performers laugh by showing off the perfect form as an action actor, but giving the result of a hurdle.

Continued boat fishing. Kim Hee-won also tasted the hand while Yeo Jin-gu caught barley stalks with the title of a beginner fishing colorlessly. Kim Hee-won trembled, saying, “It’s not fun because I’m caught too much.”

Ha Ji-won also enjoyed the joy of harvest by catching barley annivers in succession. On the contrary, Seong Dong-il, the only fishing career, made a bitter smile without feeling even a single bite.

The oversized vocal chords caught by Kim Hee-won are the highlights of boat fishing. As a result, Seong Dong-il lost his intentions and declared that he gave up fishing.

Jin-gu Yeo's skill was also shown. Sushi is made using the sashimi-making technique honed on YouTube. Ha Ji-won exclaimed, "I must not have done much, but I am very good."

Ha Ji-won said, “It’s amazing because I catch it and eat it myself. I will never forget the sushi I ate here.”

It wasn't the end here. Ha Ji-won replied to the octopus ramen for the mouth. He was happy, saying, "It's romantic."

House with Wheels' Kim Hee-won talked about Ha Ji-won with a lot of laughter.

In the tvN entertainment program'House with Wheels', which aired on the afternoon of the 20th, actor Ha Ji-won visited the three brothers of the householder (Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, Yeo Jin-gu). 'House with Wheels' settled in Geoje, Gyeongnam.

Seong Dong-il called Ha Ji-won, a guest of the day, and said a nice greeting. After the pleasant call was over, Seong Dong-il said, "Jiwon has a peculiar laughter," and Yeo Jin-gu, who listened to the phone call, said, "You are hot." Accordingly, Kim Hee-won drew attention by revealing that Ha Ji-won laughed well.

Kim Hee-won assured Yeo Jin-gu, "(Ha Ji-won) laughs a little bit, so you can say something roughly. It's a day when you can explode." In addition, Kim Hee-won said, "Even if'the sea is blue' (I will laugh)", he made a laugh.

On the other hand, tvN'House with Wheels' is a variety program that invites loved ones to live a day by wandering around the country in a house with wheels, and is broadcast every Thursday at 9 pm.

'House with Wheels' PD "Ha Ji-won, I have a lot of laughter. Thanks for taking pictures happily"

tvN'House with Wheels' starts a housewarming full of emotions with Ha Ji-won.

In episode 11 of'House with Wheels' (directed by Kanggung), which airs at 9 pm today (Thursday, 20th), actor Ha Ji-won, who has a relationship with Seong Dong-il and Kim Hee-won, will appear as guests. As Kim Hee-won's confident announcement that today is a day to burst with laughter, Ha Ji-won is planning to fill the wheeled house with laughter by showing an all-time reaction to the passing words of the three brothers.

Dongil Seong, Heewon Kim, and Jingu Yeo start a new day in Geoje Island. Ha Ji-won, who came to Geoje Island to see the three brothers, completes a simple but hearty lunch with pickled plums and cucumbers that he brought directly to Geojedo's specialty Toot Gimbap. Ha Ji-won smiles a lot throughout the meal and causes the three brothers' proud smile, and Yeo Jin-gu, who said in a past interview that he wants to work with Ha Ji-won, is expected to attract attention with a cute fan spirit. You can't look at it right from the moment Ha Ji-won appeared.

Following this, the three brothers and Ha Ji-won go sea fishing. The three brothers, who mentioned red sea bream and stone octopus, were burning with a strange desire to fight, started fishing with amazement, and Kim Hee-won was said to have left a feeling that "I think I am the happiest in the world today," raising the curiosity. The fishing results of the three brothers and Ha Ji-won, as well as the delightful scenery of the'sashimi restaurant with wheels,' where Yeo Jin-gu floats sashimi and Seong Dong-il makes sushi can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Ganggung PD, who directed the program, said, “Thanks to Ha Ji-won, who laughed so much, I was able to finish the filming happily. Seong Dong-il and Kim Hee-won, who welcome Ha Ji-won comfortably, and on the contrary, the shy look of the youngest boy Jin-gu Yeo, who showed their fan spirit by looking at Ha Ji-won only from the side rather than from the front, is the point of watching today's broadcast. I asked.

'House with Wheels' is a variety program in which you ride a house with wheels, which appeared first in Korea, and stay in a quiet place and invite important people to live the day. It airs every Thursday at 9 pm.

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