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House On Wheels Episode 10 Full RAW - 200813

House On Wheels Episode 10
Full RAW - 200813


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'House with Wheels' Seong Dong-il reunites with the first'Daughter' Jung Eun-ji.

Jeong Eun-ji, the sixth guest, visits tvN'House with Wheels'.

In the 10th episode of'House with Wheels' (directed by Kanggung), broadcast at 9 pm today (Thursday, 13th), in the drama'Reply 1997', Jung Eun-ji, who was loved by Seong Dong-il and the father and daughter in the drama, appears. After the drama is over, the two people who have built a deep relationship by calling each other'Father' and'My Daughter' for 8 years will show a warm smile through'House with Wheels'.

As soon as Seong Dong-il, who had arrived at the new front yard and covered the shade, found Jeong Eun-ji, she met her with a tabi and showed extraordinary gratification and joy. Sung Dong-il said, “This is our first daughter. Saying hello,” he introduces Jeong Eun-ji to Kim Hee-won and Yeo Jin-gu, and Jung Eun-ji follows Seong Dong-il's chase and shows off his sense of helping his work. This is the part where the chemistry of two people who go beyond the ties in the work and live like women in reality is expected.

Seong Dong-il receives Jeong Eun-ji's favorite giblets from a special acquaintance, and Jeong Eun-ji prepares and serves Cheonggukjang for Seong Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and Yeo Jin-gu. Even Kim Hee-won, who is known as the official baby taste of'House with Wheels', is said to have admired Jeong Eun-ji and Cheonggukjang, raising questions. A surprise phone connection with PD Won-ho Shin, who directed'Reply 1997', is also expected to add fun.

In addition, Yeo Jin-gu, who has been preparing to make chicken rib sauce for Jeong Eun-ji, who loves chicken, competes with the commercially available chicken rib sauce for pride. Seong Dong-il and Kim Hee-won, who came out as judges, conduct a blind test of chicken ribs with a more serious look than ever before and unanimously gather opinions. Seong Dong-il and Kim Hee-won praised Yeo Jin-gu's chicken ribs for sure, and whether it was Yeo Jin-gu's table chicken ribs, and the exciting test results can be confirmed by broadcast.

Ganggung PD, who was in charge of directing, said, “Jung Eun-ji is willing to come to the'House with Wheels' in a relationship with Seong Dong-il. Jung Eun-ji was with Kim Hee-won and Yeo Jin-gu, but with her characteristic bright personality, she quickly adapted to the house with wheels. Thanks to him, you will be able to see Seong Dong-il, who smiles with his dad all the time.”

'House with Wheels' is a variety program in which you ride a house with wheels, which appeared first in Korea, and stay in a quiet place and invite important people to live the day. It airs every Thursday at 9 pm.


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