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Flower of Evil Episode 5 RAW - 2020-08-12

Flower of Evil Episode 5
RAW - 2020-08-12

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'Evil Flower' Lee Joon-ki-Moon Chae-won, Choi Byung-mo appeared at the scene of a sweet kiss?

In the tvN drama'Flower of Evil', Lee Joon-ki and Moon Chae-won's past kisses are revealed to increase their affection.

tvN's Wednesday and Thursday drama ``Flower of Evil'' (director Kim Chul-gyu/ scriptwriter Yoo Jeong-hee/ production studio dragon, Monster Union) turned away from the man Baek Hee-sung (played by Lee Jun-ki) who even played love, and his wife Chae-won (played by Moon Chae-won), who began to doubt his reality. It is a high-density emotional chase play between two people facing each other in front of the truth that they want.

Baek Hee-seong was living with a laundered identity in Do Hyun-soo (played by Lee Joon-ki), a suspect in the ``Ga Gyeong-ri murder case'' 18 years ago, and Chae-won is chasing Do Hyun-soo only to investigate the case without knowing this.

As a result, the two people's happy daily life is covered with tension that does not know when the identity of Baek Hee-sung will be revealed. Among them, the past appearances of the two are revealed, and the purity contrasted with the current situation deepens the tender melody.

Under the cherry blossom trees in full bloom in the photo, Chaewon approached and kissed Baek Hee-sung recklessly. “Aren’t you the only one knowing? Do you like me?"

However, the ghost of his father, Do Min-seok (played by Choi Byung-mo) who makes Baek Hee-sung tremble in fear, also appears here and sounds a danger alarm. As a result, I am curious about why he suffered from his father's trauma in the past and how he escaped this crisis.

The production crew of'Evil Flower' said, "In Episode 5 today, the melodies of Baek Hee-sung and Chae-won will reach their climax," and "I hope you follow the emotions of the two people in the past and the present." have.

Meanwhile, episode 5 of tvN's Wednesday and Thursday drama'The Flower of Evil' will be broadcast at 10:50 pm on the 12th (Wed).

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