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Flower of Evil Episode 4 RAW

Flower of Evil Episode 4 RAW

Flower of Evil Episode 4 Short Summary
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Evil Flower' Moon Chae-won found Lee Jun-ki's watch at a crime scene... 'Shock ending'

In the tvN drama'The Flower of Evil', Moon Chae-won's faith toward her husband, Lee Jun-ki, began to crack.

The 4th episode of tvN's Wednesday and Thursday drama'Evil Flower' (Director Chul-gyu Kim/playplay Yoo Jeong-hee/ Production Studio Dragon, Monster Union) broadcasted on the 6th (Thursday) was an average of 3.7% for households and 4.1% on a paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite. The TVN's target audience ratings of men and women were also the highest with an average of 2.4% and a maximum of 2.6% (provided by Nielsen Korea).

In the broadcast that day, Chae-won (Moon Chae-won) witnessed that the evidence found at the crime scene was her husband's watch, and decorated the 4th ending with confusion and excited even viewers.

First, Do Hyun-soo (Lee Jun-ki)'s older sister, Do Hae-soo (Jang Hee-jin) first appeared and drew attention. Chaewon went to meet him in person to dig into Do Hyun-su, who had no information left, but the only answer he returned was that he had never seen "Our Hyun-su" in 18 years. However, in those words, Chae-won felt a strange feeling of sadness, not resentment toward his younger brother, and left doubts about her.

Afterwards, Chae Won received a report that there was a recent photo of Do Hyun-soo, a suspect in the'Murder of Nam Soon-gil (played by Lee Gyu-bok). Baek Hee-sung (Lee Jun-ki) and Kim Moo-jin (Seo Hyun-woo), who shared their weaknesses and cooperated with each other, noticed this and made a plan to arrive before the police and take photos.

At this time, Chae-won, who was heading to the home of the informant, recalled the'Serial Murder Case of Yeonju 18 years ago' linked to this case, and even doubted whether the autograph of Jin Beom Do Min-seok (played by Choi Byung-mo) would be suicide, and his son Do Hyun-soo's possible accomplice. Revealed. The appearance of Chaewon approaching the case without knowing that her husband, Baek Hee-sung's true identity is Do Hyun-soo, made the hearts of viewers feel chewy.

The photos of Do Hyun-soo's recent appearance came into the hands of Park Gyeong-chun (played by Yoon Byung-hee), the real culprit of the ``Nam Soon-gil murder case,'' who eavesdropped into the police station and stole information, not by the police or Baek Hee-seong. He was the husband of Jung Mi-sook, a victim who could not find the body of the seven victims Do Min-seok killed. Knowing that his wife's golden carp cell phone ring belonged to Do Hyun-soo, he was convinced that he was Do Min-seok's accomplice and lured him to himself.

Baek Hee-seong, who needs to get a picture from Park Gyeong-chun, stopped working at the voice of Chae-won, who shouted "Do Hyun-soo?!" The breathtaking tension of the two focused on each other made even viewers hold their breath.

Then, the chase of Baek Hee-sung who ran desperately and chasing him began. Baek Hee-seong, hiding in a dark warehouse, protected her by blocking tools that were about to fall to Charge-won. Baek Hee-seong escaped from the clash of ironic actions, binding Chae-won with handcuffs.

At the end of the broadcast, Chaewon was shocked when he saw a wristwatch, an evidence from the warehouse. It was not only the same as her husband, Baek Hee-seong, but also the initials'HSBaek' engraved on the line, just like the one he gave as a birthday present. Chaewon's expression, which left only confusion with the blood disappeared, decorated a strong ending, raising the expectation of what kind of storm will rush in the future.

Viewers also said, “This drama is really unpredictable”, “My heart was nervous for the whole hour”, “If I quit here, how do I wait until next week?”, “I was quick to see it again”, “The excitement does not subside”, “ The deployment was fast and the tension was crazy.” He showed off his firepower by pouring out various reactions.

In this way, the man Baek Hee-sung, who even played love, and his wife Chae-won, who began to doubt his reality, and two people facing each other in front of the truth they want to ignore, the tvN drama'Flower of Evil', which is immersed in viewers with a high-density emotional chase, is held every Wednesday, It airs at 10:50 on Thursday night.


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