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Do You Like Brahms? Episode 1 RAW



'Do you like Brahms?' Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae loved their friend's lover… ♥ Toward Yoojin Lee and Jihyun Park

'Do you like Brahms?' Actor Park Eun-bin noticed Kim Min-jae's unrequited love.

In episodes 1 and 2 of SBS's new Monday-Tuesday drama'Do you like Brahms?' (played by Ryubori, director Jo Young-min), which aired on the night of the 31st, Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) and Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) were depicted. .

Chae Song-ah, a 29-year-old violinist from the humanities field, was full of excitement ahead of her first performance in the Seoul Arts Center Orchestra. Park Joon-young, a famous pianist, also joined the show after completing a North American tour. Shortly before the start of the rehearsal, the conductor asked Chae Song-ah to leave for the loud violin sound in the orchestra.

However, Chae Song-ah, who could not give up his regret for the first performance, could not easily leave the seat, and the conductor was infuriated, saying, "Isn't it in the order of grades? When the rehearsals were stopped several times due to the conductor, Park Joon-young, who was holding back his annoyance, struck the piano hard while watching the conductor's anger. Chae Song-ah, who was blushing, was eventually expelled, and to make matters worse, he was notified of his disqualification at graduate school. Kang Min-seong (Bae Da-bin), who did not know this, only sent a text message with expectations.

Chae Song-ah, who watched Park Joon-young's piano performance behind the stage, said, "I was in tears. The music he poured out was so hot. I felt so small and shabby that I was in tears," and swallowed a bitter heart inside. I was still thinking about my summer internship at the Kyunghu Cultural Foundation.

Afterwards, Kang Min-sung and Chae Song-ah, who came for a beer, were bitter while listening to the story of Kang Min-sung's ex-boyfriend Dong-yoon (Lee Yu-jin). He was in unrequited love for Dongyoon, but he hid his heart. Park Joon-young, who was asked for a performance fee from his mother, headed home in the car of Cha Young-in (Seo Jeong-yeon), a sister-like entity from the Gyeonghoo Cultural Foundation. I found Chae Song-ah, who was going in the rain on his way, and remembered Chae Song-a's appearance on the stage.

Chae Song-ah's family pressured him to get a job at Seoryeong University's business department and said, "Wouldn't it be better to fold (violin) even now after giving it a few years?" Eventually, Chae Song-ah chose an intern at the Cultural Foundation. Nevertheless, I didn't let go of my violin practice. Cha Young-in allowed Chae Song-ah to use the rehearsal room. Chae Song-ah, who headed to the rehearsal room during lunch, accidentally saw Park Joon-young's performance, and Park Jun-young once again thought of Chae Song-ah.

Chae Song-ah, who attended a dinner with Foundation staff after work, felt uncomfortable because of the short dress. At this time, Cha Young-in asked Chae Song-ah to bring Park Joon-young, and Chae Song-ah met Park Jun-young at the door. The two exchanged numbers and opened their faces. Chae Song-ah, who was devoted to practicing the violin after returning home, laughed at the news of Yoon Dong-yoon's return. Yun Dong-yoon suggested to pick him up at the airport.


Park Jun-young was also happy to hear of the return of his best friend Han Hyun-ho (Kim Seong-cheol). While watching the video taken by Han Hyun-ho and Lee Jeong-gyeong (Park Ji-hyun) together, I remembered the kiss Lee Jung-gyeong gave to him at the contest earlier, and it hurt.

The next day, Chae Song-ah and Park Jun-young, who met Yun Dong-yoon and Han Hyun-ho, respectively, met again by chance at the airport. Park Joon-young was interested in the PR plan that Chae Song-ah had given before joining the Cultural Foundation, and asked, "What kind of music did it consist of?" When Chae Song-ah answered "Brams, Schumann, Clara," Park Jun-young guessed, "Is the theme of unattainable love?"

However, Chae Song-ah asked, "No. It is a friendship between three people," and "Do you like Brahms?" and Park Jun-young said, "I hate it." Because the relationship between Park Joon-young, Han Hyun-ho, and Lee Jung-kyung was the same as Brahms, Schumann, and Clara. Brahms is a person who liked Clara, Schumann's wife, who was a senior musician and close associate.

Do You Like Brahms?
Episode 1 RAW


'Like Brahms', the first room today (31st)... Emotional full spectator point net.

'Do you like Brahms?' The time has come to capture the classic sensibility.

On Monday, the 31st, at 10 pm today, SBS's new Monday and Tuesday drama'Do you like Brahms?' will be aired for the first time. 'Do you like Brahms?' tells the story of the breathtaking dreams and love of classical music students standing at the border of twenty-nine. Ahead of the first broadcast,'Do you like Brahms?' who will snipe the emotions of viewers of the home theater. I looked at the points of watching.

◆ Park Eun-bin x Kim Min-jae, transformed into a musician that makes life characters foreseen In the

first half of this year, the drama'Stove League' Park Eun-bin and'Romantic Doctor Kim Master 2'Kim Min-jae joined together. In the play, Eunbin Park plays the role of Songah Chae, a music student who is full of passion for violin but lacks talent, and Minjae Kim transforms into the role of Joonyoung Park, a famous pianist who won second place without first place in the Chopin International Piano Competition for the first time in Korea. Immediately after casting, the two actors predicted a performance acting that would add immersion by devoting themselves to practicing musical instruments. It is expected that the two actors who will lead the drama with deepened emotional acting and perfect chemistry are expected.

◆ Twenty-nine, a story full of sympathy that I wanted to receive a little comfort

Effort is also a talent, but there are certainly people who easily unfold what I barely achieve with my innate talent. Especially music. 'Do you like Brahms?' deals with the world of classical musicians, while drawing a story that anyone who has encountered the gap between dreams and reality can relate to. The drama of the twenty-nine protagonists who eagerly loved something and someone will unfold hotly. It will provide comfort by touching the sympathy and memories of those who have passed that time.

◆ Classical + OST music feast, already reserved for the

drama'Gwiho River' Classical music that flows according to the emotions and situations of the protagonists in the play will enrich the emotions of the play. In the teaser and highlight videos released earlier, emotional scenes harmonized with the beautiful classic melody were already created, creating passionate fans. Here, Taeyeon, Tencmchi, Chen, God, Haze, Punch, etc. participated in the super-luxurious OST lineup, and the drama is already expected.

◆ Between love and friendship, 3 x 3 exciting love lines

'Do you like Brahms?', which is also the title of the drama, is inspired by the story of Brahms, a musician who has long unrequited love for Schumann's wife Clara, who was a close colleague. The love of the characters in the play evokes this relationship between Brahms-Schumann-Clara. The three-sided x three-sided love line surrounding Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae will form a romance tension. How the relationship between the love and friendship between Minjae Kim-Sungcheol Kim (Hyunho Han)-Jihyun Park (Jungkyung Lee) and Eunbin Park-Yujin Lee (Dongyoon Yoon)-Dabin Bae (Minseong Kang) will be drawn, and the tension of Loveline and the emotional lines that attract viewers will attract viewers. will be.

The curtain of'Do you like Brahms?', which will invite viewers to the world of classic romance, will finally be held today (31st). 'Do you like Brahms?', which sniped viewers with their taste and sensibility, is bound to be more awaited. SBS's new Monday and Tuesday drama'Do you like Brahms?' The first episode will be broadcast on August 31 at 10 pm.


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