Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Call Center of Love Episode 20 Full RAW

Call Center of Love
Episode 20 Full RAW

'Love Call Center' Young-Tak vs. Jeong Dong-won, 70,000 phone calls → A heartfelt story... Impression that goes beyond the game

On the afternoon of the 20th, TV Chosun'I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love' includes TOP6 (Youngwoong Lim, Youngtak, Lee Chanwon, Dongwon Jung, Minho Jang, Heejae Kim) and mercenary Shinsung-Kim Soochan together to comfort the people in need with Corona 19. 'National Call Center War' was held.

'National Call Center Daejeon' was held in a way that trotmen representing each region held a one-on-one confrontation with songs selected by local applicants. Young-woong Lim of the TOP 6 played in northern Gyeonggi and Jeju, Young-tak in Seoul and Gangwon, Lee Chan-won in Daegu and Sejong, Jeong Dong-won in Busan and Gyeongsang-do, Jang Min-ho as Incheon and overseas, and Kim Hee-jae as Ulsan and South Gyeonggi representatives.

On this day, Seoul representative Young-tak and Busan representative Jeong Dong-won held a confrontation.

Applicant Lee Hye-young in Seoul was able to hear Young-tak's voice by calling '70,000 times'. Lee Hye-young said, "I didn't believe it."

Young-tak expressed his gratitude, saying, "What am I saying?" Young-tak received three songs: Joo Byung-seon'Ariariyo', Bangsil-yi'Seoul Tango', and Park Hyun-bin's'Only Trust Your Brother'.

One minute passed like a light, Lee Hye-young expressed his affection for Young Tak with rapid fire, saying, "He's healthy, walk on the road and see you again someday." Young-tak, who sang'Ariariyo' in the voice of Seong-jin, scored 94 points.

Busan representative Jeong Dong-won confronts Young-Tak. The applicant was Kwak Deok-ja, the main character of the story that Dong-won chose.

Mr. Kwak Deok-ja heard the voice of Dong-won of his grandson and admired, "Ah, pretty, pretty." Jung Dong-won said, "I saw in the story that there was a sad thing a while ago," and Gwak Deok-ja said, "My brother was sick too much. I could only talk on the phone in the hospital room if I went to the hospital because of Corona 19. It was 3 weeks since I died. “I shared the sadness of losing my family.

"It's late, but tell me what you want to say to your brother." Made Trotmen's eyes blush with a sincere message.

'Our Little Boy' Jung Dong-won received two songs: Hong Jin-young,'Tear Rain' and the key voice,'Go to the Beach'. Jeong Dong-won sang'Tear Rain,' which would touch the applicant's emotions, and scored 100 points, defeating Young Tak and advancing to the quarterfinals.


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