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Call Center of Love Episode 19 Full RAW - 200813

Call Center of Love Episode 19
Full RAW - 200813


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'Call Center of Love' Lim Young-woong, scored 100 points and 勝→Hanwoo concessions in Article Article... "Heart is also a hero"

Lim Young-woong won the confrontation with Jo Jo Joong-jo.

On the 13th TV CHOSUN'I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love', Seung-geun Oh, Jin Kang, Beom-ryong Kim, Simon Jin, Gu-yoon Park and Jo Joon Jo appeared as'Doctor 6', and a confrontation between Young-woong Lim and Jo Joon-jo unfolded.

The second confrontation on this day was Lim Young-woong and Jo Joong-jo. Jo Joongjo said, "It took a person who is too strong. He looks so handsome. He sings well, has a good voice, and is tall. I don't know what the hell is bad," he said. "I took a look. I've talked about it once in the past."

In response, Lim Young-woong said, "I didn't know you might remember that," and said, "It's ridiculous. How dare I confront my seniors. I'll just listen to your songs with the thought of learning numbers."

Lim Young-woong selected Son In-ho's'I Cried'. Lim Young-woong digested an authentic trot with a sweet voice. The score was 100 points. Jo Joon-jo selected Kim Ran-young's'Cain'. Jo Joongjo also digested the narration and completed the perfect stage.

Unfortunately, Joon Jo scored 92 points and lost to Lim Young-woong. Lim Young-woong showed a humble appearance, saying, "I just got a good karaoke score. Seniors completed the legend stage." Lim Young-woong received Korean beef as a gift, but gave Jo Jo Joon-jo, saying, "Thank you for watching a very good stage."

Singer Jo Joon-jo showed off his senior and junior chemistry at the'Call Center of Love'.

Jo Joh Jo appeared on the TV Chosun entertainment program'Call Center of Love', which aired on the night of the 13th.

In the broadcast that day, Jo Joon-jo appeared as Trot's great doctor'Doctor 6'with Seung-geun Oh, Jin Kang, Beom-ryong Kim, Simon Jin, and Gu-yoon Park and unfolded a death match between the top 6 and senior and juniors.

The 1:1 face-to-face opponent of Joong Joong Joo was Lim Young-woong. Before the stage, Jo Joongjo said, "Im Hero has no shortcomings. I said that I had been looking at a friend named Lim Young-woong from before'Mr. Trot'." Drew attention.

Cho Joon-jo, who selected Kim Ran-young's'Cain', blew viewers' eyes with irreplaceable voices, desperate expressions of emotions, and a narration as if reading a poem.

Unfortunately, Jo Joon-jo gave the victory to Lim Young-woong, who scored 100 points for'I cried,' and Lim Young-woong gave a gift of Hanwoo, who received 100 points, to Jo Joon Jo, saying, "I made the score, and my senior made the legend stage. I respect you."

Following this, Jo Joon-jo drew a duet stage with Lee Chan-won, who showed his sincere fan spirit in the last broadcast. The two sang Heo Young-ran's'wings' together and boasted a fantastic chemistry and perfect harmony, arousing admiration.

Jo Joh Joo left the game and gave a strong presence that overwhelms the scene, the power to dominate the stage with extraordinary years, and a beautiful friendship between seniors and juniors, and gave a hot impression to the home theater.

Jo Joon Jo is expected to continue his active activities on various stages and broadcasts, and visits the public with a preview performance of Kakao TV's'Untact Audio Concert' on the 22nd.


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