Thursday, August 27, 2020

Alice Episode 1 Full RAW

Alice Episode 1 Full RAW


Beu Kwak Siyang announced a heavy comeback with SBS' new Friday and Saturday drama'Alice'.

SBS Friday and Saturday drama'Alice' (played by Kyu-won Kim, Kang Cheol-gyu, and Ga-young Kim/Director Soo-Chan Baek), aired for the first time today, is a human science fiction depicting the magical time travel of a woman who resembles a dead mother and a man who has lost her emotions.

Future people who succeed in time travel in 2050 build Alice, a space where time travelers stay. Lovers Tae-i (Kim Hee-sun) and Min-hyuk (Kwak Si-yang) are dispatched in 1992 to find the prophetic book that time travel will be destroyed. Returning to the future alone, Minhyuk will later become the leader of the guide team and take on the task of concealing Alice's existence while protecting the troubled time travelers. However, he is in a situation where he becomes an enemy with Jin-gyeom (Juwon) who pursues it.

Kwak Siyang plays Yoo Minhyuk in'Alice'. Minhyuk is a person from the future and a guide team leader for time travelers, a principled and responsible principleist who chooses to break up with a loved one for his mission.

In the photos released before the first broadcast, Yoo Min-hyuk's stiffness and cold-heartedness catches the eye. As if looking for something, his cool eyes create tension, while the overbearing appearance that seems threatening raises expectations with the appearance of a new character.

In addition, the head is armed in black from head to toe as if wearing armor, and his head swept away without waste, depicting Agent Alice's charisma and approaching as a sharp charm.

Kwak Siyang is going to show off with perfect breathing from the emotional hottest that chooses to break up for responsibility as Yoo Minhyuk, to the action that doesn't get lost for the mission. As it is known that he also had an injured fighting spirit that cracks the ribs, the performance of Kwak Si-yang, who will hold another axis together with Kim Hee-sun and Joo-won, is raising expectations.

Through the production presentation, the director raised his attention as "a honest and sincere actor who showed the best immersion during the filming period" and said, "I wanted an equal match with actor Joo-won, and Kwak Si-yang, who had an honest charm, was an enemy of Yoo Min-hyuk." Focusing.

As the newly released drama'Alice' is a Korean-style science fiction drama that perfectly combines action humanism, it makes me look forward to the first broadcast of how Kwak Si-yang will portray his own honest charm.


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