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200817 Idol on the Quiz Episode 5 Apink, VICTON, HD RAW

200817 Idol on the Quiz Episode 5 



'Idol on the Quiz' Apink x Vikton x Weekly... Management company family clash (total).

Team Bomi (Bomi Yoon, Hayoung Oh, Byungchan Choi, and Sue Bin) won the'Idol on the Quiz'.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program'Idol on the Quiz' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 17th, 3 PlayM Entertainment idol teams appeared from Apink (Bomi Yun, Eunji Jung, Namjoo Kim, Hayoung Oh) to Victon (Byeongchan Choi, Sue Bin) and Weekly (Soojin Lee, Jihan). He fought a fierce battle.

The game was divided into team Bomi (Bomi Yoon, Hayoung Oh, Byungchan Choi, and Sue Bin) and team Eunji (Eunji Jung, Namju Kim, Sujin Lee, and Jihan Ji). First, the team Eunji who won the game'Dance Recipe' for MC selection chose Jang Seong-gyu to form a team.

In the first round of a full-fledged confrontation, the'Bread Pops Idol' began. The Bomi team succeeded in answering 3 questions in a row with Yun Bomi's unique logic, but unfortunately failed the last question and scored 30 points. Afterwards, Eunji's team got to the right question, and thanks to Weekly, who knows the correct answer, quickly got to the second question. Then, with the help of Jang Seong-gyu, Team Eun-ji guessed all four questions and won the first match of the first round.

However, in the second match, Bomi team scored a tie with Eunji team by answering the correct answer using Jeong Hyung-don's expression hint. With the two teams tied, Bomi team's Jung Hyung-don got the right answer in the MC confrontation where the cumulative score was doubled, and Bomi team won the first round.

In the second round,'Idol on the First Sung', Yoon Bo-mi and Jung Eun-ji advanced to the finals, and a confrontation between the two captains was concluded. In the'ㄸㄱ' problem, Yoon Bo-mi laughed at the wrong answer, and Jung Eun-ji became the first king of the song.

The final round of'Search for Words' began. Choosing 8 standard words out of 9 words. Sue-bin Sue finally selected'Sagry' according to his opinion despite the other opinions of the team members, but Eunji team won the last round with a dialect of'Sagry'.

The two teams that scored a tie decided the winner with rock paper scissors. The Bomi team won the final victory with Sue Bin’s outstanding performance to record a complete victory.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV'Idol on the Quiz' is a quiz program that embraces all generations of multinational K-POP idols in their ingenious quiz confrontation, and is broadcast every Monday at 8:30 pm.

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