Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 468 "Girlfriend" Full RAW Review

I prepared 8

Korea's top 3 beauty! for wish

From the beginning

The admiration

Acting power width to the foot

A play...?!

Perfect to finish!

Weekly Idol Episode 468 "Girlfriend" Full RAW Review 


'Weekly idol' girlfriend, new song'Apple' stage broadcast for the first time released!

 A large number of apple corners customized for girlfriends.

The girlfriend will appear on the weekly idol, which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC EveryOne and MBC M at 5 pm on the 15th.

The girlfriend who successfully transformed with the new song'Apple' on the 13th is planning to show off his entertainment in'Weekly Idol'. In addition, the girlfriend will unveil the new mini album title song'Apple' for the first time on the air and unleash a wide musical spectrum with a unique appearance that has never been seen before.

'Weekly idol' held a girlfriend apology corner tailored to the concept of the new song'Apple'. The girlfriend spared no applause for the feast of apples that appeared constantly throughout the greening.

Particularly, the mystery was what I wanted to do in'Weekly Idol', and I was passionate about the game of'turning a circular plate'. 'Weekly idol' prepared an upgraded version of the game'Reversing the original version' to fulfill the mysterious wish. As a result, the mystery turned the studio upside down with a burning desire like an'turn over a circular plate' ace.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend's custom apple corner can be met on the weekly'Idol' and Netflix.

The group's girlfriend evokes admiration of a history of praise to the members.

The girlfriend appears on the'Weekly Idol' that is broadcast simultaneously on MBC Everyone and MBC M today (15th). The girlfriend will unveil the new song'Apple' on'Weekly Idol' for the first time, and will catch the hearts of listeners with trendy and sophisticated music style.

On this day, the girlfriend greeted each other through a'weekly idol' for a poem that she couldn't do at a fan meeting and was applauded by everyone.

In particular, Thumb was surprised to announce a poem of legend praise in a literary language spoken in a Korean textbook, unlike his shy appearance. In addition, the mystery challenged the 8th song of praise beyond imagination, and the leader wished, "My kids have no way of doing it."

In addition, the girlfriend couldn't control the excitement throughout the'Hold me' corner. The question written on the paper saying'Hold me' is a corner to back-huggle the member without revealing it. It is said that the girlfriend released a lot of fun with various guesses of 6 people and 6 colors.


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