Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 467 Full RAW Reviews

Weekly Idol Episode 467 Full RAW Reviews

Weekly idol','Tiger leader' Berry Berry Dongheon, radiating the wrong charm!

The group berry berry leader Dong Heon radiates an unexpected charm in'weekly idol'.

Berry Berry will show off a different appearance by appearing in the second part of'Weekly Idol', which is broadcast simultaneously on MBC EveryOne and MBC M at 5pm tomorrow (8th). The weekly idol on the 8th will be broadcast in two parts. Berry Berry plays in part 1, and in the second part, Koyotae, a national group that has returned to'Hitda Hit', plans to show real brother and sister chemistry.

Berry Berry, the protagonist of the first part, returned to the music scene with the title song'Thunder' of the fourth mini-album'FACE YOU'. 'Thunder' expresses the process by which you and I meet with courage to face courage when we hesitate to anxiety, and eventually we become overcome.

On this day, Berry Berry held the'Weekly Idol' table'Secret Room'. Berry Berry's'Secret Room' is a place where leader Dong Heon usually needs a word for members, and is known as the very secret method of Berry Berry's sword. Tiger leader Dongheon poured out a sense of entertainment through the unpredictable'Weekly Idol' table'Secret Room', making MC Eun-hyuk and Kwang-hee, as well as members laugh.

In addition, Berry Berry made a new game called'Thunder' in a customized game, and achieved the result of reversal of imagination.

The'Secret Room', which was reborn for the group Berryberry, will be released in'Weekly Idol' and Netflix, which will be broadcast at 5 pm on the 8th.


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