Monday, July 27, 2020

Video Star Episode 207 Full RAW.

Video Star Episode 207 Full RAW.

Surprise your sisters! Surin Choi's excitement
 made surprise♬ - PART - 1

[Video Star Episode 207] Experience Sea World Open
 Special! My mother-in-law will make the video star 4MC tremble! - PART - 2

Yoo Hye-ri enters the entertainment industry under 
detective dad surveillance - PART - 3

On MBC Everyone'Video Star' broadcast on the 28th,'Experience! The actors Kim Cheong, Yoo Hye-ri, Choi Soo-rin, and Kwak Jeong-hee appeared while being decorated with the Sea World Open special feature'Seven Ventures'.

On this day, Yoo Hye-ri and her 10-year-old brother Choi Soo-rin appeared. When the two were sisters, MC Kim Sook asked, "Why are my sisters different names?"

Hye-ri Yoo said, "I made my debut as a CF model in the early 80s. My father had a lot of opposition to the entertainment industry. I changed my last name and name so as not to be noticed." I was worried about being caught, but my brothers managed to escape the crisis by saying,'He looks like you.'

Then, "But after a month, and after two months, I keep coming out on TV. My father, who noticed, was upset and overturned the table. But it was a common occurrence in my house, so I avoided it."

“I was very proud to be a father later,” said Choi Soo-rin, a younger brother.


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