Sunday, July 19, 2020

To All The Guys Who Loved Me Episode 5 Full RAW

To All The Guys Who Loved Me Episode 5 Full RAW 

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MBC EveryOne's original drama'Love is annoying, but I don't like being lonely!' I want to enjoy it, but I don’t like being lonely. On Tuesday, August 11th, at 10:50 pm, the first broadcast will be finalized and ready to meet with viewers.

'Love is annoying..' is a romance drama. As such, attention and expectation must be focused on the male and female protagonists who will lead romance in the play. In this sense,'Love is annoying..' is enough to capture the hearts of prospective viewers. Ji-Woo Ji, a self-proclaimed romance master, and So-Eun Kim, a pronoun of Lovely, play a sweet romance breath.

Among these, the couple stills of Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun, who robbed the eyes of preliminary viewers who are waiting for the'love is annoying..', attract attention.

In the public picture, Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun are alone on a narrow staircase. For some reason, Ji Hyun-woo embraced Kim So-eun in the air. It is the romance'Holding the Princess' that many female viewers want to try once. On the other hand, Kim So-eun, who is hugged by Ji-Hyun Woo, cannot hide the embarrassment. However, in the next picture, two people are making eye contact, making the heart pounding even to the viewer.

Above all, Hyun-woo Ji and Kim-eun Kim's picturesque romance chemistry catches the eye. The actors and actresses who maximize the character's charm, as well as the chemistry that creates such a cute and romantic atmosphere just by making eye contact, are arousing admiration. I am looking forward to seeing what synergy effect these two lovely couples will meet with the genre romance they do best.

In this regard,'Love is troublesome. Each of the two actors who glowed in the romance genre met, boasting a breath of fantasy. In each scene, the two actors are filming while considering each other and discussing the scene and the character together. I ask for a lot of attention to the ordinary but special romance completed by the efforts, consideration, and breathing of the two actors.”

Meanwhile, MBC Everyone's original drama'Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely!' It is a work. Before the first broadcast, the news of overseas pre-sale is announced and the birth of a sniper romance masterpiece is predicted. In the summer of 2020,'Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely!', which will stimulate the love cells in the viewer's heart, will air on Tuesday, August 11 at 10:50 pm.

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