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The Good Detective Episode 5 Full RAW

Jang Seung-jo, who provoked Oh Jung-se in public

Jang Seung-jo started chasing his cousin 
Oh Jeong-se as a culprit "I don't think about anything else"

(Kung) A fantasy partner who works even today to receive a statement (pair)




The Good Detective Episode 5 Full RAW

'Criminal Detective' Oh Jeong-se, is it a real murder case? Seungjo Jang “Have you killed?”

Detective Oh Jeong-se is the true culprit of the murder five years ago. Today (20th), several questions for broadcasting are coming up.

In the last broadcast of JTBC's Wolhwa Drama'Bumyeong Detective' (played by Choi Won-won, director Cho Nam-guk, produced Blossom Story, JTBC Studio), the connection between Incheon Jong-Tae representative Oh Jong-tae (Oh Jung-se) and the first victim killed five years ago was revealed. The big portrait hanging in his office was the work of victim Yoon Ji-sun. Kang Chang-chang (Son Hyun-joo) and Oh Ji-hyuk (Jang Seung-jo) immediately visited Oh Jong-tae's office and were soon able to face him. The pre-released 5th preview video contains an incredible story that Oh Jong-tae is the culprit.

At the time of the incident five years ago, Yoon Ji-sun was commissioned and portrayed portraits of wealthy and loving people. In her sketch, Oh Ji-hyuk discovered a familiar conversation, and was convinced that the portrait in Oh Jong-tae's office was the work of Yoon Ji-sun. However, according to the video above, the relationship between the two was not between the author and the guest. Seokyeong Jin found "the evidence that Jong-tae Oh was meeting with Yoon Ji-sun at the time of the incident." Subsequently, Oh Jong-tae recalled someone and said, “It was very pretty.” If the two were really in a relationship, it would be said that Jong-tae Oh murdered him. I wonder what he will answer to Oh Ji-hyuk's straight question, "Have you killed?"

Among them, the still-cut that was released prior to the 5th broadcast today (20th), along with the tense nerve wars of Oh Ji-hyuk and Oh Jong-tae, was accompanied by a suspicious encounter with Oh Jong-tae and Jung Jeong-seok (Ji Seung-hyun), head of the social affairs department of Jeong Han-ilbo. It was late at night when two people they met secretly got on a car. Above all, the more I repeat the meeting, the more Jung Jung-suk reveals a different face from the introduction of “a person who is respected and trusted by all juniors so much as to be a knight's crystal”. Curious questions amplify what Yu Jeong-seok's reality is and what it means to meet two unexpected people.

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The Good Detective Episode 5 Full RAW PART - 1



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