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Salty Tour Episode 120 Full RAW

Salty Tour Episode 120 Full RAW

Photographer Park-Myeongsu vs Photo Gyurapper-Gyuhyun! 
Who won the photo showdown?♨ PART - 1

Kyung-Hwan Tour vs Kyuhyun Tour The 
long-awaited winner!?!? PART - 2

I feel married before I meet? 
Seong-gwang Park's love story - PART - 3

*Hyunhee Holic* Kosso~ A Jecheon Sundubu!
 Tofu stew + Sancho grilled + Bibimba - PART - 4

'The Salty Tour' Kyuhyun, Hot Bungy Jump Success “The Most Fun Moment” Happiness [Comprehensive]

Singer Kyu-hyun enjoyed Junho Tour with success in bungee jumping.

In the tvN'The Salty Tour' broadcast on the 28th, Kyuhyun Hong Hyun-hee Park Sung-kwang Park Myeong-soo Soi Hyun appeared and joined'Junho Tour'.

The highlight of the Jecheon Junho Tour is a dazzling bungee jump. Hong Hyun-hee, who climbed the jump with Kyu-hyun, said, “Go first. I'll watch here.”

On the contrary, Kyuhyun, who was ahead of the bungee jump, said, “The scenery is really good.” I also didn't forget to appease Hong Hyun-hee, who only screams in extreme fear.

Hyun-Hee Hong obviously looked at Kyu-hyun wearing safety equipment and said, “It is great. If Kyuhyun succeeds, I will be the president of the fan club.”

Furthermore, “After marriage, I never felt like a man was cool. I was originally a Kyuhyun fan, but this time I became a really steamed fan. I love you,” she confessed.

After wearing the equipment, Kyuhyun, standing on the jump, said, “The scenery was so pretty. I was really happy with the picturesque view.”

Next, he said, “'That's a great tour.' I love you Mom and Dad.” The'Cheongnae Tour' performers applauded the cool action.

“I guessed vaguely that I would not do a bungee jump in the broadcast someday. I'll definitely run then. It was the most enjoyable moment of Junho Tour,” he said.

Hong Hyun-hee said, “When I went up there, the wind was so strong that it shook tremendously. Same as when bungeeing. Even now, my legs are shaking.”

The last course of Junho Tour is the spicy lamb spoon back ribs. Kyu-hyun and Hong-hyun-hee commented on the taste of the back ribs in harmony with the sweet saltiness. In particular, Hong Hyun-hee boasted the predator's appearance by showing a stormy meal with his back ribs in his hand.

On the other hand, it was Donghae Tour that Park Myeong-soo prepared for Kim Joon-ho's Jecheon Tour. Park Myeong-soo showed confidence that he said, “This tour is so good that it is a burden.”

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