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Salty Tour Episode 119 Full RAW

Salty Tour Episode 119 Full RAW 

'The Salty Tour' Park Myung-soo,'Photographer Park' New Bukkah Born… Arin, the strongest of spiciness (total)

The Salty Tour' A new sub-character of Park Myeong-soo,'Photographer Park', was born.

In the tvN entertainment program'The Salty Tour', which aired on the afternoon of the 21st, I enjoyed a trip to Busan with actors Ingyojin, Oh My Girl Arin and comedian Hur Kyunghwan.

Following Kyung-Hwan Huh's'Isn't This Taste' concept of Gyeongnam Tongyeong and Geoje Tours, Kyuhyun is'Where are you? He led the trip to Busan with the concept of'Challenge'.

Kyuhyun started breakfast with the members and pork soup. The members tasted the meat and stingrays, tasted pork soup, and praised them with their mouths together. In response, everyone's'Green Thumb Chuck' gave Kyuhyun the tour a smooth start. However, Kyuhyun introduced a walking tour of Busan and foretold a sigh by foretelling the'stairs challenge'.

Kyuhyun went directly as a guide to the experience of the Taorgil course. When the '168 stairs' introduced by Kyuhyun appeared in front of the eyes, the members were all astonished. However, there was a way to climb comfortably with the free monorail, so a monorail member was decided through the Bokbulbok game. Kim Joon-ho, Ingyojin and Heo Kyung-hwan won the monorail, and Ingyojin waited for the monorail and eventually climbed the stairs directly along Soi-hyun to surprise everyone. In Kyo-jin, who missed Soi-hyeon in the late choice, ran ""and was late. Love is timing,” he replied.

Following this, Kyu-hyun guided the members to the Bul Champon restaurant. The four-step spicy champon appeared one after another, and the strong spiciness of Arin and Soi-hyun challenged the third and fourth stages, respectively. Soi-hyun, who ate the 4th stage, showed herself confident in the 3rd stage. However, Soi-hyeon said, "I thought I shouldn't go out and eat a spicy thing, and I shouldn't be talking about it." On the other hand, Arin ate the 4th level champon lightly, becoming the strongest spicy.

Kyu-hyun, Kim Joon-ho, Heo Kyung-hwan, and Arin, who won the'God Sungbi' spot tour, enjoyed the scenery while walking along the promenade along the coast. Then Kyu-hyun transformed into a'photo-gyu wrapper' that would threaten Park Myung-soo, the'photographer Park' and raised expectations. Park Myung-soo, Soi-hyun, and Ingyo-jin, who won the'Flex' spot tour, enjoyed the excitement by looking down at the sea using a sea cable car. Ingyojin was grateful at the bottom of the transparent cable car and the bridge of the Yonggung Palace, creating a laugh.

Members of Busan's representative delicacy Nakgoksa (octopus + beef giblets + shrimp) confronted with a photo of'Photo Gyu Wrapper' Gyu Hyun and'Mr. Park' of Park Myung-soo. In a tight confrontation, Park Myung-soo gave her selfie as a spleen weapon and laughed.

In particular, the appearance of the character of'Photographer Park' was revealed due to continued fantasy chemistry with Joy. Following Joy, a regular model of Park Myung-soo's photography, Soi Hyun also praised and admitted his photography ability by saying "I want to leave a stone photo." Park Myung-soo said, "(Joey) I thought it was our child and I filmed a lot. There seems to be a new sub-character. It was great to be able to do something together while filming,” he said.

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