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Running Man Episode 510 RAW Full Reviews

Running Man Episode 510 RAW Full Reviews

'Running Man' Song Ji-hyo, was a mother zombie… Helper Jeon So-min'Zombie Victory' [Overall]

The mother zombie of'Running Man' was Song Ji-hyo.

In the SBS'Sunday is Good-Running Man' broadcast on the 5th, Jeon So-min was an assistant to Song Ji-hyo.

Sunmi, Zico, Jo Se-ho, and Lee Do-hyun appeared on the day, and the reincarnation camp began. Sunmi said she was a reincarnation camp guide. Because she has never been out alone. Sunmi took pictures of the members on the move.

The team was divided into Seho team (Jo Seho, Kim Jong-kook, Jiseokjin), Seonmi team (Seonmi, Song Jihyo, and Sechan Chan), Jico team (Jiko, Jeon Somin, Lee Kwangsoo), and Dohyun team (Lee Dohyeon, Yoo Jaeseok, Haha),'The gorgeous past envelops me' The confrontation began. It was a quiz to guess the members' past answers.

As a result of the first class, the first place was the Seho team and the second place was the Zico team. It was the 3rd stern team and the 4th dohyun team. Sunmi then handed out bracelets to help unravel the reincarnation secret. The team of sterns and Dohyun teams moved to different places and a group of zombies appeared outside when they tried to eat.

The two teams attracted sensational and auditory zombies to move to the safe zone with the Seho and Zico teams. You could avoid zombies for 10 seconds by applying a hand sanitizer. The zombies were upper and lower zombies. Senior zombies are similar to humans, and when it turns out that they are senior zombies, they immediately go out and become lower zombies.

Lee Kwang-soo saw something on the monitor and unplugged it. It was said that 10 out of 12 people were human. If you are infected with zombies, the signal comes to the wristband given by Stern. At that time, Yang Se-chan's wristband rang, and if he could not get the vaccine within 10 minutes, he said he was infected and went out.

After Ji Seok-jin became a lower zombie, Yoo Jae-suk found a list of attendees at the reincarnation camp. There were human antibodies, maternal zombies. It is said that if you protect the human antibody and put the mother zombie on the judgment table, the human will win. Returned Yang Se-chan said he ate a red vaccine, but the vaccine was blue. As a result of posting on the judging table, Yang Se-chan's identity was an advanced zombie.

When I put a picture in the picture room, I could see how many zombies there were. Six out of 12 zombies. Meanwhile, Sunmi found a tablet PC, but became a lower zombie. In the picture Lee Do-hyun put in, there were 5 out of 9 zombies. Lee Kwang-soo and Jo Se-ho were clearly human.

The ticket was opened by Zico's ticket. Members put Jong-Kook Kim on the jury. As the members speculated, Kim Jong-guk was a senior zombie. As a result, Haha and Jae-Seok Yoo were also identified as human beings. When Zico shed a flash of ultraviolet light on the photo, he saw the number of special beings. It was a mother zombie or a human antibody.

The wristband of Lee Kwang-soo also rang, and Lee Kwang-soo, who failed the mission, eventually became a zombie. Jeon So-min claimed to be a human antibody, but Zico, Lee Do-hyun, and Haha suspected Jeon So-min. Jeon So-min was lying down, and Yoo Jae-seok laughed by saying, "It's another beginning." 

Ten minutes before the ambulance arrived, the zombies began to become violent. Lee Do-hyun, Jo Se-ho, and Haha became low-level zombies, and Yoo Jae-suk discovered a room of infection where maternal zombies infect zombies. Yoo Jae-suk looked at the objects in each member's box to find out how to infect them. Only Jeon So-min's box had a photograph that was not related to the shooting site.

When Jeon So-min told Zico that he was a human antibody, Zico said, "I caught him." He said, "I know who the human antibody is." Zico was a human antibody. Afterwards, only three people, Yoo Jae-seok, Jeon So-min, Zico and Song Ji-hyo, were allowed to ride in an ambulance. Yoo Jae-seok, who was identified as a human, took an ambulance with Zico and Song Ji-hyo. However, Song Ji Hyo was the mother zombie, Song Ji Hyo was the helper, and the No. 1 senior zombie was Jeon So Min. As a result, humans were defeated.

Jeon So-min of'Running Man' was forgetting that there was Jose. However, he humiliated Jo Se-ho.

On the afternoon of the 5th, SBS Sunday entertainment'Running Man', the second story of the 10th anniversary special,'Reincarnation Camp' special race was held.

On this day, the members of'Running Man' on the reincarnation train greeted guests who had already been in the car. On the way to the reincarnation camp, Jo Se-ho said, "It seems special to be invited to a special feature."

After hearing this, Jeon So-min said, "Is Seho's brother?

Jo Se-ho responded to Jeon So-min, "I don't know why I gained weight. I wanted to show a more changed look." Then Jeon So-min smiled and replaced the answer.

Yoo Jae-seok added laughter to Jeon So-min and Jo Se-ho by saying, "What is this? I feel like I'll be subscribed to 20 people in a web drama."

On the 5th, SBS'Running Man' celebrated its 10th anniversary and performed'Reincarnation' with'Special feature that viewers chose to see again.' Singer Zico, Seonmi and Jo Seho appeared as special guests.

On this day, broadcaster Yoo Jae-suk joked with Jo Se-ho, "Is it an excuse, but has it been officially publicized?" In the words of Yoo Jae-suk, Jo Se-ho expressed his confidence that "Who will come here without any reason?

Then, the broadcaster Haha asked, "Do you get paid?" When Yoo Jae-suk specifically asked, "How long do you get paid," Jo Se-ho said, "It is ambiguous to disclose."

'Running Man' mother Zombie Song Ji-hyo divided → Zombie team's final victory...

In the'Running Man' featuring the 10th anniversary special feature, Sunmi Zico Jo Se-ho Lee Do-hyun appeared as a guest to participate in the reincarnation camp.

Looking at Jo Se-ho, who recently succeeded in dieting, Jeon So-min said, “I didn't even know there was. It seems that the body has become smaller as well as presence.”

Jo Se-ho said, "Do you know why I gained weight? I wanted to show the changed figure,” he said.

“When this story comes out as a web drama, I see 20 subscribers. “I will only see us here,” he said.

During the chase between human antibodies and mother zombies, Jose Se-ho discovered a vial containing a mysterious note. He hurriedly hides the note and tries to deceive Lee Kwang-soo, but it is not enough. In the blame of Lee Kwang-soo, Jo Se-ho said, “Okay. Please pretend that you don't know Yoo Jae-suk.”

At this time, Yoo Jae-seok, a party, appeared, and Jo Se-ho showed the empty bottle for the fake to Yoo Jae-seok.

The problem is Lee Kwang-soo's betrayal. Lee Kwang-soo angered Yoo Jae-suk by saying, "Sho Cho told me not to hide and talk in his back pocket."

Jo Se-ho, who was embarrassed and fired a fart, said, “Go to the bathroom and check it out. If it sounds like this,” he said spitefully.

The thing in the note is that the number of zombies can be determined by the Polaroid photos taken by Sunmi. A total of 6 infected zombies were confirmed.

Yoo Jae-suk Ha Ha while Kim Jong-guk was nominated for a zombie candidate, Yoo Jae-suk said, “I am not a zombie. He said that it wasn't all that long ago.

As you say, zombie Kim Jong-guk. So the running men swept their amazed chest.

The chase again posted. Gwangsu Lee, who is in a situation of becoming a zombie within 10 minutes if he does not get the vaccine, eventually became a zombie without finding a vaccine.

Jeon So-min, who was misunderstood as a mother zombie, said, “Why do you call me me? I am not a mother zombie,” he said.

However, the real human antibody is Zico, not Jeon So-min. The running men named Zico, Yoo Jae-seok, and Song Ji-hyo as humans and put them on an ambulance. In the meantime, Jeon So-min repeatedly insisted, "I am a human being."

The result is a zombie victory. Song Ji Hyo was the mother zombie. Jeon So-min was an assistant to Song Ji-hyo.

As a result, human team Zico and Yoo Jae-suk were defeated, and Yoo Jae-suk's live penalty was made.

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