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Radio Star Episode 683 Full Raw



Radio Star Episode 683 Full Raw 

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“Radio Star” Jeon So-mi “Excerpt from a foreign car… "I'm so angry"

MBC'Radio Star' aired on the afternoon of the 22nd was featured with a feature called'Seal and Sword Contest', featuring Lee Yeon-bok, Jeon So-mi, Yoo Min-sang and Heo Hoon.

On this day, Jeon So-mi commented on the real-time search query controversy of foreign cars, which recently became a hot topic. That's why I asked the companies when I filmed reality.”

“She said it was the first celebrity to sponsor. So I took off all the rings and rode carefully. It was really good to hear the engine sound.” I've never seen so many things before.”

He said, “The next day, I was in a physical examination, so the company published an explanation. I said it was okay. It was because the number of hits for the next episode of reality seemed to come out well,” he said. “But in the end, the company published an elucidation article.”

When the singer Jeon So-mi revealed the inside story of the 'Jeon So-mi foreign car' that heated up the online, she said, "The portal news'I got angry' was also good." In addition, when she turns 20 and confesses her determination, she stimulates the desire to be a true shooter.

The high-end talk show MBC'Radio Star' (planned by Soo-young An / directed by Choi Haeng-ho), scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday (22:40) on Wednesday (22th), will feature a special feature called'Real and Sword Battle' with Yeon-bok Lee, So-mi Jeon, Min-yu Yoo, and Hur-hoon.

Jeon So-mi, who is called'Vita Som' due to her doll-like appearance and charm that brightens her surroundings, debuted as I.O. by winning first place in the 2016 girl group project audition program. He was also very active in entertainment, and he was driving the topic.

This year, when he was just twenty years old, he took control of real-time search terms while driving, and signed a contract with a world-renowned record company before revealing the new song'What You Waiting For' released today (22nd). It is a'Classic real sword fairy' posted.

Jeon So-mi, who returned to the new song, said, "I'm not going to take it off." In addition, he anticipates his transformation by notifying'Vita Somi' but'Sung Sung Somi'.

Above all, Jeon So-mi stimulates the desire of the main shooter by revealing the inside story of the'Jun So-mi foreign car' that has heated up the online community. It is a funny (?) anecdote that spread over controversy (?) beyond the topic when a photo of a 20-year-old Jeon So-mi driving an expensive foreign car was released.

Jeon So-mi recalls the time when the'Jun So-mi car' and'Jun So-mi foreign car' were real-time search charts, and said, “I was also happy with the emoticon of'angry'.” On the other hand,'Las' MCs are more intrigued by the fact that Jeon So-mi's behind-the-scenes story said, “It was an adventure.”

Jeon So-mi, who is driving the topic like this, reveals anecdotes during her childhood. From the'four-year-old Somi' who appeared in the news and self-practiced, he tells the story of becoming a 10 million actor. In particular, he confessed that he had been “bullied,” and even turned into episodes of the reunion of cider, causing curious questions.

In addition, Jeon So-mi picks up her personal skills she played in front of her former producer, Park Jin-young, as a black history, and then introduces a new personal skill that upgrades her black history (?).

The inside story of Jeon So-mi's'Jun So-mi Foreign Car' incident can be confirmed through'Radio Star', which is aired at 10:40 pm on Wednesday, the 22nd.

On the other hand,'Radio Star' is loved as a unique talk show where 4MCs don't know where to go, disarming guests with the words of a village murderer to bring out the real story.

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