Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mnet's M! Countdown Episode 675 Full RAW

 Mnet's M! Countdown Episode 675 Full RAW

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1st place in'M Countdown' girlfriend'Apple'… Viper and commitment.

Girl group girlfriend broke the red velvet Irene & Seulgi and became #1 in'M Countdown'. .

In the Mnet'M Countdown' broadcast on the night of the 23rd, his girlfriend was'Apple', beating the red velvet Irene & Seulgi and ranked first.

On this day, the girlfriend's leader wishes to give the first impression, saying, “First of all, thank you very much, Buddy. The second fanless activity is waiting for the day to meet again. "I always want to work harder," he said.

Also, the mystery of holding the microphone was short, saying, “Our staff and our members struggled while preparing the album.”

Prior to this, the girlfriend had an intense visual impact on the'Apple' stage. The concept of a witch was utilized to the fullest as well as dark makeup. In addition, facial expression acting and performance that matched the mood of the song also made her realize the dramatic change of her girlfriend.

Also on this day, female solos and others played a prominent role. Heo Chan-mi, Yukika, and others released a new song, starting with a trout singer.

In addition, Jeon So-mi boasted a more mature visual and musically advanced stage than before with the'What You Waiting For' stage. Subsequently, Lee Ha-yi also showed off the new song'Holo', which was released after AOMG, and sang the hearts of viewers with a soulful singing ability.

In addition, newcomers weekly and berryberry also showed a summer special stage in addition to their songs. Challenge the cover to'to my boyfriend' and'to say goodbye' respectively. It appealed to the refreshing and cool charm.

In addition, male artists such as Jeong Se-woon, i:KAN, and W24 also contributed to the musical diversity of'M Countdown' with solos, units, and bands.

On the other hand,'M Countdown', including third-eyes, Jeon So-mi, Lee Hai, girlfriend, Weekly, Berryberry, Must B, Pink Fantasy, Abandoned, Elast, XRO, Yukika, Weekly, Wonder Nine, i:KAN, W24, TOO, Jung Se-woon, and Chan-mi Heo appeared.

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