Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mister Trot : Taste Of Mister Trot Episode 17 Full RAW

 Mister Trot : Taste Of Mister Trot
 Episode 17 Full RAW

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"Eight divorced" Yoo Tung "I'm not going to live like that anymore.

You Tung will challenge Trot by appearing on MBN'BoyStrot' that will be broadcast on the 24th. 'BoyStrot' is the first trot survival in Korea by 80 stars. After only two episodes of broadcasting, he recorded 10.091% (2 copies) of viewership ratings, and vocalized that he was the first in all channels including broadcasts, cable, and terrestrial broadcasts at the same time. It is also the highest viewer rating of MBN.

On this day's broadcast, Yoo Tung appeared, telling a sad story that challenged Trot. Yoo Tung suffered the pain of eight marriages and separations. He confessed to himself, "I thought it was a lovebird, but when I thought about it, I was crying for goodbye."

After breaking up with his Mongolian wife last year, Yu Tung also broke up with his late-born daughter, who was born at the age of 55. It is said that he revealed the video call with his daughter and revealed the sincerity of marriage and separation that was unknown to the public. The reason he challenged'Boystrot' is also for his daughter in Mongolia.

Yu Tung challenged his first trot with his powerful stage and overflowing emotions. Legend judge Kim Yeon-ja praised the prominent Jeolla-do dialect of “Soritong is so big” and adds curiosity to Yoo Tung's stage by evaluating Namjin as “woman Kim Yeon-ja”.

In particular, when asked about the remarriage plan, Yoo Tung said that he surprised everyone by saying, "I will not live like that anymore." Indeed, the reason for this is that interest is amplified in Yutong.

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