Friday, July 24, 2020

Knowing Bros Episode 240 Full RAW

(멋짐 폭발♨) 김연경(Kim Yeon-Koung)
의 파워↗ 스파이크↗↗ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 239회

[Hyung, Chin, and So] The star of Asia x Prince Ballad 
Sung Si-kyung has transferred to his brother's school!

[Pre-release] (Surprise Collaboration💚) 
people'♬ + Sung Si-kyung'No.1'♩,'Only One'♪

[20th Anniversary of Debut] Boa's Hit Song Dance Medley Stage🎶 - PART - 1

Why Boa didn't want to come out to a brother you know
 ☞ because of Kang Ho Dong ☜ - PART - 2

(Original Healing♡) 🎤Song Si-kyung's Mini Concert - PART - 3

Knowing Bros Episode 240 Full RAW

PART - 1        PART - 2        PART - 3         PART - 4

In the JTBC'Knowing Brother' broadcast on the 25th, singer BoA ​​and Sung Si Kyung appeared as transfer students.

In 2018, after a transfer to actor Lee Sang-yeop, his second appearance, Boa, raised his curiosity by saying, "Who wasn't going to come out and ate a big heart?"

Kang Ho-dong is the main character. "I didn't want to come to JTBC itself because of Ho-dong," Boa recalled. He said, "I thought it wasn't bad when I last came out with'Brother.' But this time, after consulting, tens of thousands of people said,'It wasn't fun when you went out last time.

Then he explained, "So I said'Gangho-dong did something strange and Sang-yeop did a fun vocal imitation.' I didn't accept anything (ho-dong). I thought the hearts of the'ho-dong victims' in stockings were like this Uncovered. When Boa revealed that he had had an argument with Lee Soo-man for four hours, Kim Hee-cheol testified that "As usual, Soa-man Lee and her daughter, Boa, who is like a friend, continued to fight."

Then, "I actually didn't like Ho-dong very much before'Ah-hyung' came out." BoA said, "I had a single competition after Kang Ho-Dong first came into SM. At that time, I sang'Hang,' but I didn't say hello. The last time'Hyung' didn't say hello, I was glad to see the reality camera I said hello." The embarrassed Kang Ho-dong said, "Boa has a lot of entertainment."

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