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It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 RAW Full Review

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 6 RAW Full Review

'Psycho only' Kim Soo-hyun, nightmare dreamer Seo Ye-ji's "It's okay, I won't go" [★Night TView]

'Psycho but it's okay' Kim Soo-hyun hugged Seo, who had a nightmare, and said he would not go.

In the tvN Saturday drama'Psycho But It's Okay' (played by Cho Yong, directed by Park Shin-woo), aired on the afternoon of the 5th, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) hugged Gomun-young (Seo Ye-ji) who had a nightmare.

On this day's broadcast, Ko Moon-young asked Moon Kang-tae, "When did I know who I was? When acting is really creepy. Oscar is a chewing gum. Was it fun? Do you dare to play with me hatefully, pretending not to know everything?" Kang Kang-tae replied, "You were the same. I wanted to avoid. I wanted to turn away pretending I didn't know. I told you that night. He saved me and I ran away. I want to finish properly. Thank you. I saved you from the ice that day." "I felt like I ran away after I liked it first, so I regretted it from the moment I turned back. I didn't talk about this since I came here that day. He said, "I'm tough enough with one brother. I don't want to be the person I need anymore."

"You can't refuse me, you're the life I saved," Ko Moon-young said. "That's why I said thank you. Because you uploaded it, it's like this one," said Kang Kang-tae. "I'm going to kill you if you go. You can't run away. You're mine," said Moon Kang-tae. "Do you really want to die?" Gomunyoung replied, "Don't go. Let's live with me." However, Moon Kang-tae's older brother, Moon-Sung Moon (Jung Se-oh Oh), said that Gomun-young's house was his own. After hearing this, Moon Gang-tae told Moon, "Why is this our house?" Kang Kang-tae returned to himself and Moon-sook's house and shed tears with a torn contract.

Lee Sang (Kim Ju-heon) and Yoo Seung-jae (Park Jin-ju) came to Go Moon-young's home. It was Moon, not Ko, Moon-young who greeted the two. Lee Sang-woo and Yoo Seung-jae, who entered Gomun-young's home, were puzzled. On the other hand, Ko Mun-young said, "Why are you here?" The door next door said, "Here is my house. We decided to live together. We live together. We are not married, but we live together." Moon Sang decided to draw an artwork for Gomunyoung's house and enter his work. Lee Sang-sang said, "It is the opposite of this association." Ko Moon-young said "I'm in favor", and Yoo Seung-jae also said "Chan-sung" and gave strength to Ko Mun-young. "Do not worry because there is a safety pin," Ko Moon-young reassured.

Eventually, Kang Gang-tae moved into the home of Ko Moon-young with his luggage. "I chose my brother again this time," said Ko Moon-young, who saw Moon Kang-tae coming to his home. "I have some conditions," said Moon Kang-tae, who heard this. "Is there no reason for that choice? Am I really missing it?" asked Ko Moon-young. "I will only stay on weekdays and go back to my house on the weekends," Moon Kang-tae said. "Please respect your brother as much as possible," said Moon Kang-tae. Then Moon said, "Yes, I will do that." Moon Gang-tae asked, "How do you believe it?" Ko Mun-young replied, "I will keep it. It's an appointment with you."

Afterwards, the door went to the basement where the door was opened. Ko Moon-young told the story of the blue beard and told Moon to not go down to the basement. Before going to sleep, Moon-sang told Moon Kang-tae about the blue beard he had heard from Ko Moon-young. "Golden, don't go down to the basement in the future. It's someone else's house," said Kang Gang-tae, who heard this. Moon wondered, "Why were people afraid of the blue beard?" "Because they are different, they have blue beards," said Moon Kang-tae. In addition, Moon asked, "Are you scared if you are different? Are you living alone in the castle?", and Moon Gang-tae answered, "No, there will be a real bride who understands and admits that it doesn't matter if it is a blue beard." Ko Moon-young heard this story outside the door and smiled.

Go Moon-young, Moon Kang-tae, and Moon Sang, who lived in one house, went to a decent hospital side by side. "Let's come from next time. Misunderstanding," said Moon Kang-tae. Go Moon-young, who went to the hospital for class, encountered Kang Eun-ja (Bae Hae-seon). Kang Eun-ja told Ko Moon-young, "What are you surprised about? I've already forgotten how long I've been waiting for you here. I've dried up a lot when I haven't seen it. Still, my daughter is the prettiest for my mom. Why don't you tell me anything? ?" "Mom? Are you a real mom? Are you back?" "Why is this like this? I went to the show for a month, and then he behaved like a different person. I talked on the phone. I told you that you were a man of your style. Let's meet. "You will also like it."

Lee Sang-eun and Yoo Seung-jae went to Ko Moon-young's class and visited a decent hospital where Kang-tae Moon works. To build a fence. The two met with Kang Kang-tae. "I've made a lot of money by selling her books," said Moon Kang-tae to Lee Sang-sang, who says Vicki next to Go Moon-young. Lee Sang was embarrassed and said, "Moonyoung and I are not a simple relationship entangled in capitalism. I tell Moonyoung that I am a representative, a teacher, and a man." Then he said, "Anyway, it's my seat, so I'm out of the way right now." Yoo Seung-jae, who listened to the side, laughed, saying "Pool", and Moon Kang-Tae resolutely said, "I don't like it.

Afterwards, Ko Moon-young shouted to Kang Eun-ja, "Please stop talking to her mother." It turns out that Kang Eun-ja had psychotic depression (psychological depression). Kang Eun-ja replied, "My mother is called my mother." "Mom is dead. My mom is dead. My hair is broken, my blood is bursting and my limbs are tattered," Ko Moon-young said. "The blood is still on the floor." He also drew a line to Kang Eun-ja, who denied it, "So, Aunt. Please wake up from a dream." Kang Eun-ja, who heard this, was shocked and fell to the floor.

Ko Moon-young, who returned home, was lying on the bed without saying anything to Kang's call. Ko Moon-young fell asleep, but suffered from a nightmare. Detecting something strange, Moon Kang-tae headed straight to Go Moon-young's room. In Ko Moon-young's nightmare, his mother appeared and said,'I will kill even the prince who came to save you.' Moon Kang-tae, who entered Ko Moon-young's room door, asked if he was okay. Ko Moon-young said to Kang Kang-tae that he was a "runner," and Moon Kang-tae replied, "It's okay. Go Moon-young." Ko Mun-young said, "The fugitive is fast. Get out of the way right now." In response, Moon Kang-tae hugged Ko Moon-young saying "Yes, I won't go."

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